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On December 22 at 3:44 pm, Dipal and I received the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for - Jayden Dipal Chaudhari was born! We have been amazingly blessed as our journey has begun down the road of parenting. At the time I'm writing this, Jayden is now a big 8 months old and loving the new found freedom of independently traveling all over our little apartment! Any day spent at home consists of multiple trips from the living room where he can play a little Fisher Price piano to the kitchen where he can get into Mommy's pots and pans. Some of his "tricks" as we jokingly call them are to clap and try his best attempt at the word "yay" and also to wave in several different fashions - he hasn't decided if he likes to wave just the fingers or the entire hand yet, and sometimes if having an indecisive moment like his mommy is known for, he will wave with just his fingers on one hand and use the other hand for the whole hand wave. He started his crawling around the 6 months mark and pulling up onto everything he can use to steady himself soon followed. We know walking is only a matter of time, which is exciting, but also frightening! :)
One thing everyone loves to brag about with their children is their first word, and this is where we might start to run into confusion with Jayden. Jayden definitely attempts to say things all the time and at points has said words like "Mama" (which lasted for 2 days and still hasn't returned, but I had witnesses!), "Yay," "Hi," and even the phrase "Hi Daddy" surprisingly clear, but hasn't been consistent, so do we count it yet or not? I don't know...

So, let's see... crawling, pulling up, first words, "tricks"... I think we might have helped you get up to speed on the Jayden front, but if I have left anything out please let me know and I'll add more! The only other thing that you might be interested in is the food department, so here's an update in that arena. As many of you know, nursing Jayden was very important to Dipal and me if at all possible. Fortunately, it worked very well for us, but as many of you who are parents know, was also very demanding. For a long time now, I pumped so that Dipal could also help feed Jayden in the evenings. But, due to a lacking supply on my end and the desire to make things a little easier if I needed to be away from Jayden at the time of a feeding, or if we were traveling and so on, we decided to incorporate formula into Jayden's feedings. At first, he absolutely hated it, but now doesn't mind it at all and I think he actually likes being able to hold his own bottle and be able to do one more thing on his own. I'm still nursing in the mornings, but through out the day it has been a huge help just to be able to prepare a bottle and go. He is also enjoying baby food and on any given day can enjoy foods from a selection of: Pears, squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, bananas, peas, green beans, carrots, or even prunes if needed! :) He definitely has shown a preference for yummy fruits over veggies, but we always try a new food for a week and so far he eventually will warm up to anything.

As for our family, many of you know we will soon be moving to Kansas City, which we are actually very excited about! Dipal and I (and Jayden) were really hoping to move closer to God's Country (known to others as Tennessee), but that's not what God has for us right now and we have a genuine excitement to be in KC. Please keep us in your prayers as we are searching for a place to live and will be moving at the end of October.

Finally, speaking of good ol' Rocky Top, we just returned from a trip to our real home (TN) and it was great! Jayden and I were able to stay in Nashville for a few days with Dad, Liz, Robert & Kathryn and then traveled to Cleveland where we visited with the Boston and Chaudhari clans as well as my grandmother (who is doing well health wise for all of you who have lovingly shown concern throughout the time of her surgery) and also my Pops who Jayden and I celebrated his 78th birthday with. Also, on August 25 was mine and Dipal's one year anniversary, which sadly we spent apart due to his work travels, but are looking forward to celebrating over the next couple of weeks at some point! If anyone has any ideas for a fun night out for a young St. Louie couple let us know! :)

We'll try to be good about keeping this blog updated so that whenever you need a dose of the Chaudhari's we are here! For those of you back home, we miss you more than words can explain, but look forward to seeing you soon! We are planning on attending the Tenn-Florida game, so those of you who will be around at that time better set aside at least a few minutes of your "Football time in Tennessee" for some Chaudhari love! :)

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