Wonderful Weekend with "Good People"

Hi all faithful Chaudhari blog viewers! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had a great weekend around here and of course I’m writing to share it with you!
e finally tried to start getting our lives in order a little on Saturday from our two week trip to Tennessee… you know all the boring stuff like laundry and putting suitcases up. I had put it off long enough and it was time to get this place back in order. The trip to Tennessee was great, but it definitely took me a few days to bounce back from being out of town. I’m starting to see that every time we go out of town, even just back home, I feel exhausted at least for the next day or two (or 5 in this case). Anyway, not too exciting there, but Saturday night was fun as we gathered together with our wonderful St. Louie friends (with the exception of GPa Andy who was greatly missed!). *P.S. We also miss Uncle Dan and Aunt Manna and hope your trip to Spain was amazing!* We all met up for the St. Louis Art Fair, did a little art viewing, a lot of good eating and had tons o’ fun as usual! While we were there we also ran into a little family (shout out to Chris and Chad!) which was exciting, especially for Jayden who unusually wasn’t cracking smiles until he saw Chad, and then it was game on for the evening! I think I’ll also throw in a shout out to Hank’s amazing cheesecake, because their turtle cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick was extremely yummy!
Sunday was also a fun day as we had another first for Jayden! Jayden stayed in the church nursery for the first time and did great! I was a little nervous about this, not gonna lie, and I’m sure none of you are really surprised by that! All the ladies said he just played the whole time and you never would have known he was a nursery first timer. A cute story though – another little girl was having some apples and when Jayden saw she was eating went over and showed his interest in her food, so they shared the little girl’s applesauce with Jayden. Funny thing is, Jayden had never had apples, but we were suppose to start them yesterday, but since I hadn’t been to the grocery store yet, we didn’t have any. Well, he got him some apples anyway! The rest of the afternoon was spent watching football with Daddy at Uncle Blake and Aunt Lindsey’s house.
One extra note: On my last blog I forgot one of the best “tricks” Jayden can do and that’s kisses! I’ve thought he understood kisses for a while and even tried them a few times, but now it’s for sure! They’re sloppy, but the sweetest bit of drool you’ll ever feel on your cheek! Since the last blog he has also discovered his pointer finger and thinks it is fun to point. Of course, Dipal used this as a new way to pick on me as he and Jayden decided to come up to me this weekend and point and laugh! Only 8 months old and the two are already ganging up on me!
I leave you with a picture of Jayden after his lunch on Saturday. Getting spoon fed is a tough job, but somebody’s
gotta do it! ;) Chaudhari love to you all!


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