A Look Back at Christmas

Continuing with getting up to date in the lives of the Chaudhari's... Today's update is all about Christmas! :)

Thanks to Dipal's great company, we had several days off to make our journey down to Tennessee for the Christmas holidays. We began with a trip down to Nashville to see the Edwards crew and my Aunt Robin who came in as well. We only got to stay for one day as Jayden's party was the next day in Cleveland, but we had a lot of fun hanging out with Dad, Liz and the adorable Robert and Kathryn!
We then continued our journey to Cleveland, took a timeout from Christmas for Jayden's big birthday bash, and then made a mad rush to get all the crazy Christmas shopping done. I don't know about you guys, but this year was especially stressful for Dipal and I as far as Christmas shopping is concerned. Even though we bought several gifts early, I thought I would never get it finished! We also decided to work on a cash system this year limiting how much we could spend (in the Dave Ramsey arena of thinking, for those of you familiar with his ideas). My mom and I were literally out shopping until we got kicked out of the stores on Christmas Eve!
Speaking of Christmas Eve, we did the annual get-together at my grandmother's house and then headed back to Cleveland and awaited the big arrival of Santa! :) As you can see below, Jayden was very good this year and got some great goodies! Even though Jayden still doesn't quite understand the whole Santa thing, it was so exciting to be able to see him come down stairs and look at his toys and play, play, play!

Here's some more pictures from our holiday! :)

First sight of the Christmas tree!

Christmas card photo shoot

Emmie and Nathan with their gifts from us. :)

The Wii Nathan & Em got (and that I am obsessed with!) :) Jayden liked the guitar hero!

Updates Continued: My Little Man is Growing Up!

After being out of town for a few days I'm ready to get back to updates!

Today's update is all about the Little Man's first birthday! It is amazing to think this little bundle of greatness has been with us for over a year now!! What changes have entered mine and Dipal's lives... and I wouldn't change any of it for anything! He is AMAZING!!! :)

So, seeing how amazing our little man is, we wanted to plan a really great first birthday party! I really wanted to do something personal to him that we could look back and cherish that stage of life. At the age of 1, a little one can't really explain to you what theme they would like their party to be, so this was a bit of a task to figure out. I tried to think of things that stuck out as favorites for him... he loves to dance, really enjoys Sesame Street, and for a while wouldn't put down his "Monkey Doo," a little stuffed monkey. Then one day, I noticed a book he repeatedly would bring over to me to read to him - Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. It's a very cute little book with different animals on each page that are each a different color. I thought this would be a great theme as it was something specific to Jayden, but also original!
We had the party at my parents' house, a good location to fit lots of people. We had a large crowd as Dipal and I both have pretty good sized families, I think the total could have been around 40 people (yikes!)! The biggest lesson learned: Always ask about the exact price when ordering your birthday cake(s)!! We ordered from a great bakery that my family always orders from on special events. We had to get a cake that could feed a large crowd, a "smasher" cake (a cake made just for Jayden to dig his hands into), and we also thought it would be cute to get a few cupcakes made with faces of some of the characters on them. The cakes were by far our largest expense for the party! I just thought cake was cake, but I guess you pay for the cake, then the decorating fee (aren't all cakes suppose to be decorated??)... anyway, I learned my lesson, please learn from my mistake! At least the cakes tasted and looked great! :)
Overall, the party went great! I tried to plan the party for right after Jayden's naptime so he would be fresh and happy, but that didn't really work as planned since he absolutely would not go down for a nap. I think he could sense the excitement and buzzing around for the party, so it was hard for him to settle down for a nap. He did well, but was a little tired and overwhelmed at first. In hindsight, I think some of this might have been due to the fact that he was coming down with a bug that showed itself the following day. Anyway, it was a great time with family and friends and of course a fun celebration of our first year together.
One of the best moments of the party was a slideshow prepared by the G-Man (My stepdad, Eric) titled "12 Months in 12 Minutes." Needless to say, I balled the first time I watched it! :) I'm just so proud of my little man! If possible, we'll try to get it on the blog soon so we can share it with all of you who couldn't be at our celebration!

Until next time... Chaudhari love to you all!
P.S. You might notice there's no pictures of Dipal and I both with Jayden at his party! :( I guess in all the craziness we forgot to ask someone to take our picture! If any of you by chance have one, please send it to us! Thanks!

Our NEW home filled with love!

Those of you who have made a trip out to visit us might have heard me joke around about our home filled with love! I'm not sure how that phrase got started, but we love to say it. Now, we have a new home with more space to be filled with love! We have officially become the proud homeowners of a new townhome! After some looking around the St. Louis area we found that for the space we needed, buying actually made a lot of sense, if not more sense than renting. We did have to move a little farther out from the city, but we’re in a great developing location in the O’Fallon/Lake St. Louis area. It’s been a LOT of work getting settled into what started as a white box, but now after some paint, blinds, ceiling fans, and a little d├ęcor, it is definitely a little more homey! One of the biggest projects after moving in was finishing off part of the basement for Dipal's office. Our friend Blake came over and spent his entire day helping Dipal put the wall up and then soon after Mom, Eric and the kids came to visit and Eric helped finish it off. It looks great!! Mucho thanks to our amazing helpers!! Also, mucho thanks to Kirk who spent his whole day helping us move in! I don't know what we would have done without your help! The new space has been great for Jayden to have room to play and also a lot more convenient for entertaining. If anyone comes into the STL area we better get to see you!

Ta Da!!! It's FINALLY here!!! :) The Long Awaited Update...

After months of no entries and many requests for updates I am FINALLY updating the family blog! Yay!! :) We have had so many major life events take place in our family and I’m finally getting a moment to sit down, take a deep breath and just write it all out. I was going to start where we left off in October with the purchase of our first home, moving on to Jayden's first birthday, then holidays, but I think some of you might come after me if I don't let all of you in on some of the biggest news we have received over the last 18 1/2 weeks.

We're expecting Baby Bai (which means two in Gujarati, kinda pronounced like "Bay")!! :)

We were waiting to make the big announcement until all family had been told which happened over the holidays. I'm positive some of you have probably heard it rumored through the UT chain or just through other friends in general, but at last we have finally been able to make the big release!! So, now I'll make my attempt to answer all those questions flowing through your minds. I am almost 19 weeks along (Yes, that means we are already almost halfway through the pregnancy!) and the due date is June 4th. Jayden and Baby Bai will be somewhere between 17 - 18 months apart depending on when the baby decides he would like to make the arrival. We found out on Monday that this little one is very, very obviously a little BOY, so I will still remain princess (I'm still too young to be queen) of the Chaudhari household. Yes, you noseys this was unexpected, but we couldn't be more thrilled to have another little man about to join us! At our ultrasound on Monday we got to see Baby Bai moving around and it was rediculously cute! He would put his hands above his head and kick his legs and it was just adorable! We got one really cool 3D picture (above) where it looks like this little one already has the chubby cheeks that come from his Mommy, just like Jayden had when he was born. I call them the kissable cheeks because they are absolutely perfect for kisses! He also already has Daddy's long legs! He measured at 9 inches long and 9 ounces. I didn't really have morning sickness in the beginning, although there was a little more of the nautious feeling than there was with Jayden. I did have a huge stereotypical craving for pickles, which still hits every now and then. I never knew cravings would go this far, but I didn't want just any pickles, I wanted the baby dill pickles that are crunchier, and sometimes I would have to hold myself back from drinking the juice out of the jar! Must have been something about the saltiness... I'm so excited we finally have the news out and I promise I will work harder to keep up the updates!!

As far as other news, I'll try to go in chronological order by doing individual posts over the next day or so during Jayden's naptimes or any other time I get where he's distracted by Elmo, Imagination Movers, or his new fun toys! We are thinking of changing the name of the blog since we will be using the blog for more than Jayden news, especially now! If you have any cute ideas pass them on!! Until next post...


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