A Look Back at Christmas

Continuing with getting up to date in the lives of the Chaudhari's... Today's update is all about Christmas! :)

Thanks to Dipal's great company, we had several days off to make our journey down to Tennessee for the Christmas holidays. We began with a trip down to Nashville to see the Edwards crew and my Aunt Robin who came in as well. We only got to stay for one day as Jayden's party was the next day in Cleveland, but we had a lot of fun hanging out with Dad, Liz and the adorable Robert and Kathryn!
We then continued our journey to Cleveland, took a timeout from Christmas for Jayden's big birthday bash, and then made a mad rush to get all the crazy Christmas shopping done. I don't know about you guys, but this year was especially stressful for Dipal and I as far as Christmas shopping is concerned. Even though we bought several gifts early, I thought I would never get it finished! We also decided to work on a cash system this year limiting how much we could spend (in the Dave Ramsey arena of thinking, for those of you familiar with his ideas). My mom and I were literally out shopping until we got kicked out of the stores on Christmas Eve!
Speaking of Christmas Eve, we did the annual get-together at my grandmother's house and then headed back to Cleveland and awaited the big arrival of Santa! :) As you can see below, Jayden was very good this year and got some great goodies! Even though Jayden still doesn't quite understand the whole Santa thing, it was so exciting to be able to see him come down stairs and look at his toys and play, play, play!

Here's some more pictures from our holiday! :)

First sight of the Christmas tree!

Christmas card photo shoot

Emmie and Nathan with their gifts from us. :)

The Wii Nathan & Em got (and that I am obsessed with!) :) Jayden liked the guitar hero!

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