Our NEW home filled with love!

Those of you who have made a trip out to visit us might have heard me joke around about our home filled with love! I'm not sure how that phrase got started, but we love to say it. Now, we have a new home with more space to be filled with love! We have officially become the proud homeowners of a new townhome! After some looking around the St. Louis area we found that for the space we needed, buying actually made a lot of sense, if not more sense than renting. We did have to move a little farther out from the city, but we’re in a great developing location in the O’Fallon/Lake St. Louis area. It’s been a LOT of work getting settled into what started as a white box, but now after some paint, blinds, ceiling fans, and a little d├ęcor, it is definitely a little more homey! One of the biggest projects after moving in was finishing off part of the basement for Dipal's office. Our friend Blake came over and spent his entire day helping Dipal put the wall up and then soon after Mom, Eric and the kids came to visit and Eric helped finish it off. It looks great!! Mucho thanks to our amazing helpers!! Also, mucho thanks to Kirk who spent his whole day helping us move in! I don't know what we would have done without your help! The new space has been great for Jayden to have room to play and also a lot more convenient for entertaining. If anyone comes into the STL area we better get to see you!

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