Updates Continued: My Little Man is Growing Up!

After being out of town for a few days I'm ready to get back to updates!

Today's update is all about the Little Man's first birthday! It is amazing to think this little bundle of greatness has been with us for over a year now!! What changes have entered mine and Dipal's lives... and I wouldn't change any of it for anything! He is AMAZING!!! :)

So, seeing how amazing our little man is, we wanted to plan a really great first birthday party! I really wanted to do something personal to him that we could look back and cherish that stage of life. At the age of 1, a little one can't really explain to you what theme they would like their party to be, so this was a bit of a task to figure out. I tried to think of things that stuck out as favorites for him... he loves to dance, really enjoys Sesame Street, and for a while wouldn't put down his "Monkey Doo," a little stuffed monkey. Then one day, I noticed a book he repeatedly would bring over to me to read to him - Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. It's a very cute little book with different animals on each page that are each a different color. I thought this would be a great theme as it was something specific to Jayden, but also original!
We had the party at my parents' house, a good location to fit lots of people. We had a large crowd as Dipal and I both have pretty good sized families, I think the total could have been around 40 people (yikes!)! The biggest lesson learned: Always ask about the exact price when ordering your birthday cake(s)!! We ordered from a great bakery that my family always orders from on special events. We had to get a cake that could feed a large crowd, a "smasher" cake (a cake made just for Jayden to dig his hands into), and we also thought it would be cute to get a few cupcakes made with faces of some of the characters on them. The cakes were by far our largest expense for the party! I just thought cake was cake, but I guess you pay for the cake, then the decorating fee (aren't all cakes suppose to be decorated??)... anyway, I learned my lesson, please learn from my mistake! At least the cakes tasted and looked great! :)
Overall, the party went great! I tried to plan the party for right after Jayden's naptime so he would be fresh and happy, but that didn't really work as planned since he absolutely would not go down for a nap. I think he could sense the excitement and buzzing around for the party, so it was hard for him to settle down for a nap. He did well, but was a little tired and overwhelmed at first. In hindsight, I think some of this might have been due to the fact that he was coming down with a bug that showed itself the following day. Anyway, it was a great time with family and friends and of course a fun celebration of our first year together.
One of the best moments of the party was a slideshow prepared by the G-Man (My stepdad, Eric) titled "12 Months in 12 Minutes." Needless to say, I balled the first time I watched it! :) I'm just so proud of my little man! If possible, we'll try to get it on the blog soon so we can share it with all of you who couldn't be at our celebration!

Until next time... Chaudhari love to you all!
P.S. You might notice there's no pictures of Dipal and I both with Jayden at his party! :( I guess in all the craziness we forgot to ask someone to take our picture! If any of you by chance have one, please send it to us! Thanks!

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