Yes, I Still Have Updates: New Year's Celebration

The outfit Jayden greeted our guests in on New Year's
Surrounding ourselves with great friends is one of the things Dipal and I do best! :) We both have been amazingly blessed with great friends who we still stay in contact with despite time and distance and it makes me so happy (although, Dipal is much better at doing his part to stay in touch with people than I am... maybe that can be a resolution!)!
Well, to all of you amazing friends from back home who keep up with our blog - you would really like the great friends we have made in St. Louis! Every time we get together there is no lack of laughter and good times! For New Year's we decided to have "the group" over to our new home for the first organized time.
As usual, this get-together included a feast of food - everything from toasted ravioli (seems to be super popular in STL) to little smokies to cookies... Of course, growing up in the south with a very superstitious grandmother I wasn't going to let people come over to my house for New Year's without fixin' some good ol' black eyed peas and greens! :) I decided to spice things up a bit (maybe a little too much spice in the greens!) and do things a little different. I got a black eyed pea salad recipe from the show Down Home with the Neelys and it was a huge success! Definitely a different take on an old tradition.
El cheapo decor: ribbon and tinsel from the dollar store, holiday candles that went on clearance. Note: A different color ribbon for every glass so everyone knows which one is theirs... Thank you Today Show! :)

We are loving the fact that we have friends with Wii's! :) I promise we love you guys too, but your wii's are super great! Wii craziness consumed a lot of our evening, but we also managed to play some Jenga and Fact or Crap as well. A "Happy 2009!" phone call to our friend Bekah who couldn't be with us also ensued around the midnight mark!
Ryan watching while Andy, Dipal, Lindsey and Jodi do some Rabid Rabbit dancing on Wii!

Being at my old age of 23, I was unable to stay up and continue on with the games like everyone else, but I had to get my rest to make a bountiful breakfast for everyone (Gotta start the New Year off right!).
Not to get too sappy, but seriously, we are so thankful for all of our friends - old and new! It was great to be able to start off 2009 with "the group" in St. Louis and we hope to be able to have all of our friends from back home visit our "home filled with love" soon!!
Chaudhari Love!!

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