Fleeting February and a Hairy Elephant

Another month in 2009 is gone and an update from the Chaudhari crew is way past due!

Before I talk about our month of February, I did want to post about one of our milestones with Jayden - the first haircut! Of course, at the time I'm posting it's already time for another haircut, but our first was a really fun memory and one of the things we were looking forward to and I thought you all would like to see pictures. We had been talking about it for a while, but thought we would wait until Jayden hit the one year mark for the new 'do. We wanted it to be a great, positive experience so I did some online research to find a children's hair salon in the STL area. I was really surprised to only easily find one through online searching, but with 2 locations, one that happened to be close to us. It had some good remarks on one of the St. Louis mommy websites (, so I booked an appointment. Sidenote: It has come to my attention lately that before I do just about anything, I go research it on the internet... Dipal likes to give me a hard time about it because a lot of our conversations start with me saying "I was reading on..." Anyway, our first haircut was a successful, positive experience! The hair salon we went to was The Hairy Elephant, and boy did they make getting a haircut fun for the little man! They had tv's at each station, so we got to pick out Elmo's World for Jayden to watch while he got his cut. They also used power wheel cars for the seats. It was a really cute place! Jayden did great and his hair looked so much better after we left! I would totally recommend this place if anyone has children in the St. Louis area, but with one additional note: They were a little pricey. I would love to go there every time to get his hair cut, but don't think it's in the budget! However, I am so glad we went there for our first haircut because we had such a great experience! Of course, we have pictures of the Little Man getting his new 'do... :)

Now on to February - Man, where did that month go? We started February with a fun Super Bowl party at our friend Ryan's. Not being huge fans of the Cardinals or Steelers, we chose to cheer on Kurt Warner and the Cards, just because Kurt Warner is a really awesome guy (at least that's why I was cheering for them), but unfortunately they lost. The party at Ryan's, however, was lots of fun and of course Jayden helped provide our half-time entertainment.

Jayden dancing at half time
For Valentine's Day Dipal, did an amazingly awesome thing! Thinking ahead of wanting to do something to celebrate, he contacted friends of ours to see if they would be willing to babysit the little man so we could have a dinner out to ourselves. Because he didn't want to interfere with anyone else's plans, he planned it for the Saturday before Valentine's Day. At first this was going to be a surprise, but he went ahead and told me a few days before the date to make it easier to get us all out the door on the day of. We stuck with what we know and love - The Olive Garden! :) It was delicious and a really interesting dinner that I plan on sharing more about on the mommy blog that I'm going to try to pick back up (Unwritten Young Mom). For the actual day of Valentine's we had a pretty relaxed day. The night before we had some friends over for dinner and I made chocolate covered strawberries (something I try to do every year for Valentine's) and an italian love cake (sounded like an appropriate recipe for the day). Since Valentine's was on a Saturday and we love having yummy breakfast on Saturdays, I made eggs and french toast with some heart-shaped pieces. I also added the leftover chocolate covered strawberries from the previous night's dinner and it was great!

Chocolate-covered strawberries, Italian love cake in process, Valentine's Breakfast P.S. The plate the strawberries are on was given to us at our wedding, but as we were opening gifts there was no card on this gift. If you are the one who gave us this plate I want you to know we love it and use it very often and every time I use it, it makes me sad I wasn't able to send a thank you note to the person who gave it to us!
Very exciting news!! I became an aunt on February 11th! ;) My best friend Kara had the adorable Hunter Chase King. I finally get to meet him next week and I can't wait!! Congratulations Kara!! I promise sleep comes soon! :)

On February 20, my brother Nathan celebrated his 11th birthday - Crazy!! As I was talking to my mom yesterday she was looking at information for middle school orientation and it threw me into shock a little bit! I love you Nay and no matter how old you get, you will always be extremely special to me!

Ending our month was a boy's weekend with Dipal's friends Aaron, Jason, Tyler and Will coming to visit. It was really fun (I know Dipal was thrilled to have you guys here!), but short. It worked out that we all got to go to the St. Louis Blues hockey game and it was so much fun! It was definitely one of the most memorable, fun evenings I've had with Jayden. He had a great time dancing and waving at a little girl he became friends with. He was so well-behaved and as he got tired danced in my lap for a little while and then fell right to sleep in my arms - one of the most absolutely perfect feelings in this entire world.

That's our update for now... until next time (which hopefully won't be too long!) Chaudhari love to you all!


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