Growing and Growing; Driving and Driving...

Last Friday little Jackson had his 2 month check-up. As a mom, I look forward to these appointments because we get to find out how much he has grown and ask the doctor any questions we might have. Along with looking forward to these appointments there is also a little dread though, because with many check-ups comes vaccinations. With this being the first appointment for Jackson to get vaccines we weren't really sure of how he would react - Boy, did he scream!!!! As soon as he felt the needle he was not a happy camper!! But, on the bright side, he is meeting all his milestones (such as laughing and cooing, yay!!) and has grown! He is now 11 lb., 12 oz. and 23 1/4 inches long, which puts him in the 70th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. This is up from 21 1/2 inches (50%) and 9lb., 7 oz. (50%) at his 1 month check-up. Just for the fun of comparison, at Jayden's 2 month check-up he was 22 3/4 inches long (55%) and 11 lb.s (45%). Jayden had a big jump in height between his 2 and 4 month check-ups, so I'm anxious to see if Jackson does the same. It's so neat to see how two little brothers can still be such unique individuals.

Starting on Saturday we'll be embarking on a journey towards the east coast for Dipal's cousin, Tina's, wedding. We'll be making a stop in West Virginia at my step-grandparents' house to do some visiting and split up the trip. It will be a good chance for Dipal to meet some of that side of the family he hasn't been able to meet yet, as well as Jayden and Jackson. We'll be in WV for a few days, then off to New Jersey for wedding events, possibly squeezing in a trip to NYC to sight-see, and more importantly see my friend, Katherine :), and then back to STL. The trip will have it's tough times I'm sure, considering we have 2 young kiddos, but I'm looking forward to 10 days of no cooking, no cleaning, fancy schmancy outfits and being with some of our super fun family! Watch out, you never know when I might bust my Indian moves! :) Wahoo!!

Dancing at Manish and Anita's wedding... Good times! :)

All the More Reason to Come Visit the Chaudhari's...

Dipal and I just found out the city we live in was ranked the 9th best U.S. city to live in by CNN Money. Go here to see the article! Yay for Lake Saint Louis!! We're taking reservations now! :)

Have you missed us? Update and Mid Year's Resolutions :)

Wow, where has the time gone? :) So, it's been a little while since our last post... Surprise, surprise, right? Well, to say the least, our lives have been a little hectic lately!

Here's a quick recap since our last post...

March - We took our last trip to Tennessee before Jackson's big arrival. The trip included time in Nashville with Dad, Liz, Robert and Kathryn, then on to Cleveland where we stayed at Dipal's parent's house and made visits to Harriman to see my Pops and the bald eagles in his yard and to Dalton to see my Grandma and best friend, Kara and her little boy, Hunter. Then Mom, Eric, Nathan and Emmie came to visit us in St. Louis during Spring Break. While here, Eric put in our new custom-made entertainment center! It looks great!! :)

At the Rain Forest Cafe; Jayden walking with Rima at Pop's house

Jayden and his Dadi (Dipal's mom)

Our new entertainment center!

April - We started the month by saying goodbye to our buddy, Andy who moved to Iowa (We miss you G-Pa!). Then came Easter, setting up Jackson's nursery, an update to Jayden's room, and a trip to Indiana with Amanda to visit Dan!

Dipal's hard work on the boys' rooms

Easter 2009

Fun in the park in Indiana, remembering how fun kites are!

May - Welcome Baby Jackson!!
Jackson Dipal Chaudhari was born on May 13, 2009 at 10:22 am weighing in at 6 lb.s, 14 oz and 19.5 inches long! We were extremely surprised for his very early (by 3 weeks) arrival! Here's the story... Tuesday, May 12 was a very exhausting day! Every chance I could lay down and nap I did, even if it was short! From all my napping I was able to stay up a little later than normal and watch some late night tv. I finally convinced myself to go lay down and watched a little more Jay Leno once in bed. After watching the Jay Walking segment I decided to go to sleep, well right about that time my water broke (probably around 11:30pm)! To be honest, my first thought was fear that something might be wrong because I thought it was way too early to be having a baby, but after calling our doctor and being told to go to the hospital we ran around like crazy people packing (because I still had not even packed my hospital bag!) and getting stuff together for Jayden to go stay with Aunt Bekah! Contractions started lightly on our drive to the hospital, this was for sure happening! Once we got to the hospital they assured us we weren't leaving without a baby and Bekah came and picked up Jayden so he wouldn't have to stay at the hospital with us. A few hours later I received my epidural, right around 10 am I told the nurse I felt like I needed to push, so she called my doctor in and at 10:22 Baby Jackson was born! We were so blessed to have such an easy delivery!! Jackson immediately took to nursing like a pro and we have still been able to continue up to now and hopefully will for a while to come. Here are the pics!!

First pictures, Jayden meeting his new little brother, our family!

Pajama Photo Shoot, Kisses for Jackson!, Sweet Brothers!

Visits from family: My step-dad Eric, Sister Emmie, and brother Nathan with boys; My sister Kathryn with Jayden; My brother Robert playing with Jayden

Unfortunately, in the midst of welcoming Jackson into the world we had to unexpectedly say goodbye to Dipal's dad. When Jackson was 10 days old we got the call that Joe had a heart attack. We got this news while my Dad, Liz and the kids were here, so with their help, we were able to pack up quickly and travel down to Tennessee. We were in Tennessee for about 3 weeks to be with family, but also so Dipal could help get things settled with his dad's businesses. During that time Dipal also traveled to India to spread his dad's ashes and follow through some of the cultural traditions. One of these traditions is for the males close to the person who passed to shave their heads, so while Dipal was in India this is one of the things that he did. I'll post a few pics below but feel free to look at his whole picture album from India here. Thank you all for your amazing outpouring of love and support during this tough time.

Jesang (Joe) Chaudhari
We love you and miss you.

Dipal, his dad, and Jayden May 2008; Dipal and his grandmother in India; Dipal and his cousin Soham

June - We got back to STL after the first week of June. Dipal immediately had to go to Minneapolis for a week with work, so my mom, Eric, the kids and Skittles (the family puppy) all came to stay with me while Dipal was gone. A week alone with two kiddos, one being a newborn, would have been super tough so I am so glad they were here!! Since then we have really just been focusing on getting our lives back in a routine!

Here's some firsts and favorites from the past month...

First trip to the pool with Jackson; First "real" bath (He loved it! Haha)

Cooing at the bear; "Seriously Mom?" face - A very Jackson face!; Smiles!

Dipal reading "I love my Daddy because..." to Jayden on Father's Day

I thought Jayden might be able to tackle yogurt on his own... I was wrong! :)

Jayden loves to help take care of his little brother! Jackson appreciates it most the time! :)

We love the orange & white!

And finally, here we are... Happy two months Jackson!! We love you and are very thankful for you!! :)

Jackson at 2 days old, 1 month old, and 2 months old

So, here's my mid year's resolution: To update the blog once a week! Hold me accountable guys!

Until next time, Chaudhari love to you all!!


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