Two Points Away from a Perfect Weekend :)

WOW. What an absolutely amazing weekend!!

When Dipal and I heard the Baller Vols were going to play in the Sweet 16 in St. Louis our interests immediately peaked… Would this mean we could spend a weekend in one of our favorite cities and have the wonderfulness of UT all in one?  Yes, friend.  Yes it did. :)

We left on Thursday in order to make it in time for the alumni event downtown and to meet up with Ms. Joy, her husband, Robert, and their son little Robert (aka Lil’ Buddy) at the amazing Cheesecake Factory.  The alumni event was much fun as we got a pep talk from Coach Pearl and even got a family picture with him (Thanks Haylee!).  The Cheesecake Factory was also amazing as this was my first time getting to really sit down with Ms. Joy and her family.  I quickly realized why they meant so much to Dipal and absolutely loved our time with them (For those of you not familiar with UT, Ms. Joy is the spirit director who Dipal worked with as Smokey’s Handler).

The family with Bruuuuuce, Bruuuuuuuce!

Dipal and the boys with Mike Hamilton

Friday was a work day for Dipal, so the boys and I were on our own for a bit while we anxiously awaited gametime.  Once Dipal arrived we took off towards the Dome via the Metrolink train.  Some foreign girls were dying to hold Jayden and take pics with him and Jackson earned $1 from a stranger just for being cute - it was interesting to say the least.

The game was amazing!!  Despite the fact I think my heart might have stopped 4-5 times in the second half, we had an absolutely amazing time.  The VOLS pulled through with a 76-73 win and history was made – The VOLS were going to their first Elite 8 ever and we were there to witness it!!  We stayed to watch the Northern Illinois/Michigan State game and I was reminded of what it was like just to sit back and relax at a basketball game (Dipal and I, like 99.9% of VOL fans are passionate about our sports, k?).  While watching the game we saw some of the UT basketball players hanging out in the stands on their way to the bus, so Dipal took the boys down to meet them and get autographs.  I think the quote to Wayne Chism was “Do you sign kids?”.  Fortunately for us, Chism had no problems with this and neither did Prince… And stop panicking, we got their shirts signed, not their foreheads. :)

J.P. Prince autographing the boys’ shirts

J.P. Prince autographing the boys’ shirts

Wayne Chism autographing the boys’ shirts

Wayne Chism autographing the boys’ shirts

On Saturday we got to meet up with our amazing STL friends (minus the Hills, Bekah, and GPA) for a yummy lunch at Cardwell’s.  It was brief, but so good to be with the soon-to-be Pak’s and Davis’s as well as Erica’s parents in from Texas!!  Oh, how I miss St. Louie and our wonderful friends!!  Speaking of wonderful friends, Dipal’s best friend, Tyler, drove up to STL from his new home in Arkansas on Saturday so he could be with us for the Elite 8 game on Sunday!  After he arrived we met up with Ms. Joy and her family again and took a (long) drive over to Dave & Buster’s.  Ms. Joy and I cheered for a Kentucky loss, er, I mean a WVU win while the boys played games for the 2 hours (you heard me) we waited on a table to eat.  Of course, as soon as we told the restaurant we were leaving because we were sick of waiting they told us our table was ready (why didn’t we just do that sooner?), so we stuck around and had another fun dinner together followed by a to-go trip to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. :) Yum.

Jayden and Uncle Tyler racing while Lil' Buddy watches

Jackson and Ms. Joy

Sunday it was game time once again and we were so excited!!  We made it downtown as the band and cheerleaders were leaving the pep rally, but in time to see tons of friends from UT!!  It was so awesome running into people we didn’t expect before the game – it felt like we were back in TN all over again (Insert happy sigh).  After mingling with old friends and making new ones we walked to the Dome and cheered on our VOLS.  Unfortunately, this ending wasn’t as exciting as the last with a 70-69 loss.  You can sit around and say what if, what if, but I think the more important thing is to be so proud of our guys for an amazing season!!  They endured through some tough situations on and off the court this year, so to make it to the Elite 8 – pretty sweet and completely unexpected! :)

Although, disappointed with the loss, I am so thankful for such an absolutely amazing weekend with my family.  We had a blast and this will definitely rank as one of my favorite weekends with the boys!

To wrap up, I’d like to share some things I was reminded of/learned during our weekend:

Reminded of:
- How amazingly good Jayden and Jackson are.  They were up late every night, carted around all over town, completely off their routine, sat through 3 basketball games and I can’t think of one single breakdown moment by either one.  We are so blessed!!
- How much I love being a Tennessee VOL!!  I know I’m biased, but I would be willing to bet that there is absolutely no other college, maybe even place, in this world that shares a bond like Tennessee alumni/fans.  We’re passionate people, especially about sports, but more importantly about the people who share our TN connection.  I truly felt like I was with family this weekend.  People I had never met wanted to help any way they could with the kids and made us feel like we were back home.  People I hadn’t seen in years made me feel like life was no different than a few years ago when we were back in college.  It is SO great to be a Tennessee VOL!! :)
- How I get too emotionally involved in sports.  The drive home was so depressing after that loss and I wasn’t even the one who played the game.  Maybe it goes back to my last point of people in TN being so caring about eachother… I was just so heartbroken for our guys because I knew how much they wanted that win and how close they were to getting it.

- I am officially to the age where it takes a week to lose a pound, but a day to gain it (Thanks, Cheesecake Factory)… Gotta get back into running asap!
- Jackson is the new official flirt of our family.

Until next time... Chaudhari love to you all, and GO VOLS!!!!!

Tyler, Jackson, Dipal, Jayden, Amanda, and Me

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  1. 1. I am sooo happy you are back to blogging. You've been sorely missed.

    2. So jealous you guys got to go to the game! Looks like everyone had a blast!


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