Caution: Long Post Ahead. Movie Thursday?? + Updates


My second "Movie Monday" and I didn't get it done. My apologies!

To be completely honest, Monday was not a fun day. I was completely exhausted and had a massive headache that even medicine couldn't help, which is very unusual for me... so, no movies were posted. However, to show my sincerest apologies, I offer a bonus movie for every day I'm late. I think this should make up for the delay. :)

Just to update you guys a little on what we've been up to, I'll fill you in on the last week and a half of our lives and throw the movies in there as well...

After church on Sunday the 18th we drove up to St. Louis to be with some of our much loved friends who were having a joint wedding shower. It was so nice and refreshing to be with those good people! :) This was also our first time getting to meet little Gus, the sweet baby to two of our favorite people, Blake & Lindsey (I can't believe I didn't take any pictures - failure #2). The boy is beyond precious!! I can't wait to watch him grow and see our boys play together one day!

One of the fun activities at the shower was an Almost Newlyweds game, which surprisingly, I did take pictures of. There were some very funny moments, and let's just say we learned some new things about our friends... too much fun!! :)

Laughs at the different responses to the question "How many children do you plan on having?"

Question: Who initiated the first kiss?

Unfortunately, we also found out on that day that my Great Aunt Betty passed away after much suffering and pain. We're thankful for hope of her being in a better place now and knowing she no longer has to suffer. Please continue to pray for my family, especially my Uncle Danny & their daughter, Celeste. They have been there to completely take care of my Aunt Betty's every need and they will be missing her so much.

With the news of my Aunt Betty's passing we decided for the boys and I to go to Tennessee a few days earlier than we had originally planned (We were already planning on being in Nashville for Dipal to run the half in the Country Music Marathon... more on that later). Dipal wasn't able to stay with us as this is an extremely busy time for him at work, but he took the boys and me down to Nashville Wednesday morning and we rode with Dad to Harriman early Thursday morning. We didn't get to spend very much time with family since we needed to get back to Nashville quickly, but I am thankful we got to go for the short amount of time we did. I miss seeing that family so much! Actually, I miss seeing all my family down that way... Uggghhh... Moving on...

Dipal joined us in Nashville Friday evening and got up dark & early (it definitely wasn't bright at 4 am) and headed on over to the race. The rest of us got up and got ready and headed over as Dipal was finishing his last few miles. We knew this because he signed us up to receive text message updates on his status in the race, which was so helpful! If you're going to watch someone in a race and this option is available I highly recommend it!! Knowing where he was helped us to park and run to a spot around mile 12 to give him the boost he needed to make it to the finish! :)

Here's a (very) short clip of our time at the race:

** If you're having trouble viewing this video you can click here or copy and paste this link:

Quick Brag Report (Because I know Dipal won't do it): With hardly any training (I think he might have done a 5 mile run a couple of days before the race), Dipal finished the half marathon in a time of 2:01. I thought this was pretty amazing considering the longest I've ever run was 3 miles and that took me around 35 minutes, but I'm no runner and I digress. We're also thankful that his soreness was minimal afterwards and he had no injuries, well, at least during the race. (End brag report here) The day after the race when Dipal was loading the truck he jumped down and landed on his ankle (Ouch!!). It got very swollen and he's been a little gimp for most the week.

We really enjoyed our time in Nashville! We had great weather for the most part (Thanks Dad! ;) ), which allowed us to play outside a lot! At one point while we were outside my little brother, Robert, started singing "Over the Rainbow" to Jackson. It was so sweet and I was lucky enough to get him to do it a second time while I got it on video, which leads us to video #2...

** If you're having trouble viewing this video you can click here or copy and paste this link:

Before moving on, I have to share my 2 favorite quotes while in Nashville. To start, on the first day we were there I was sitting outside with the kids, but wanted to step inside to check on something. After telling the kids I was going to do this Robert looked at Jayden and said "Don't worry, I'll be your protector Jayden. Brittany has to go inside." :) I thought that was just way too sweet. In the beginning of the video above he also told Jackson he would be his "take-carer." Too. Cute.

My second favorite quote that I heard several times and had never heard before (I might be showing how little I get out these days by saying this) was "Shut the front door!" in response to telling someone something surprising. If you don't get it, try saying it outloud and you might. It makes me laugh just typing it... I need to get out more.

Finally, I wanted to share some sweet developments in Jackson with you. Although being mommy to an infant and toddler has plenty of hard times, it's the moments like these that make my heart melt. I heard a quote yesterday on the radio from a woman who had worked her way up the ladder to an executive position in NASA, but when she and her husband decided to adopt she left it all and decided to stay home with the kids. When asked why she left such a prestigious position with such great income to be a stay-at-home mom she replied, "The pay is low, but the benefits are fantastic!". Here are some of my "benefits" I would like to share with you.

Jackson has started singing, sometimes randomly, but mostly when he hears someone else doing it or music in the background. On this day we were watching a movie when Jackson started singing along followed by a quick game of peek-a-boo. Enjoy!

P.S. Please excuse Jackson's drool. For those of you without kids, this is what happens when kiddos are getting their teeth.

** If you're having trouble viewing this video you can click here or copy and paste this link:

Another thing Jackson has started doing lately is a little bit of sign language. Some of you might remember how we use to do this with Jayden to help him be able to communicate before he was able to use words. Jayden still occasionally uses sign language with his words (like sometimes when he says "please" he does the sign for please at the same time). To be honest, we haven't been as consistent teaching sign language to Jackson as we were with Jayden because it's a lot harder to focus on that when you have 2 little ones at the table, but to my surprise, one day when I asked Jackson if he wanted more puffs (a baby snack), he did the sign language!

To help you see it, here is a picture of what the sign language looks like for the word "More":

Photo Credit: ASL University

And here's the video... Please excuse my (extremely annoying, if it weren't for how cute I thought the kiddos are I would be way too embarrassed to share this) high-pitched excitement. :)

** If you're having trouble viewing this video I'll post the link as soon as it's available.

So, that's all for today, but tune back in tomorrow as I have a little something I'm working on... Until then, Chaudhari love to you all!!


  1. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!! You are amazing!!! i really enjoyed reading your blog!! especially the vidoes of Jackson!!! it was famb!!! love you tons!!!

    p.s: hope im your first comment!!:)
    p.s 2: cant wait to see you guys soon!!!:)
    p.s 3: Love you guys tons!!:)

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  3. Thanks Ankita!! We can't wait to see you guys!! Love and miss you!! :)


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