Fabulous Spring Saturday

Spring has officially sprung at the Chaudhari house!!

For some of you this might have happened with the celebration of Easter or as your flowers started blooming.  I still have no flowers in my yard (we're just thankful for grass right now), and although Easter was a fantastic weekend (I promise pictures and an update are coming, no really, I mean it) it didn't quite get me in the springy, wanna stay outside in the sunshine spirit.  But today did.

The morning started with Dipal leaving bright and early to help plant plots of crops he sells seed for.  We're  officially into planting season, which means Dipal's schedule becomes quite long and sometimes even a little unpredictable.  He had assured me a few minutes before leaving that he would leave the car seats for me so that the boys and I would have the ability to get out of the house and go do something.

He forgot.

And I realized this as I got outside with the boys, diaper bag, cooler bag, and purse in hand at the car.

I was not happy.

By this point it was time for Jackson's morning nap so I took him back inside to lay down, but decided to stay outside with Jayden while Jackson was napping so Jayden could have some outside playtime.  Little did I know how much I would enjoy it too!  We ended up staying outside most the day with the exception of naps and meal times!

Here are some pics I snapped as we were finishing out our day:

My little sidewalk chalk artist

Who doesn't wear rain boots while sidewalk chalking it?

Me: "Jayden, you look like you're at a parade!"
Jayden: "No, Tennessee football game!"
Oh, dear.

Back at Easter we noticed this little bird nest.  Yesterday we noticed there were 3 eggs (at Easter there was just 1).  Today we watched Mama Bird protecting her babies.

As Jayden was playing I decided to pull up a chair so I could just sit and enjoy watching him play, however, when he saw me sitting he decided to go grab his Elmo chair so he could sit too.

Sitting on the porch steps with my little man.  The original reason I took this picture was because his boots were on the wrong feet.  You can't really tell, but I still think it's a neat picture.

Walking off into the sunset.
He informed me he was going to Tennessee.  Thankfully, I convinced him that in order to get to Tennessee he needed to come back in my direction.

So, that was our day!  Wagons, strollers, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, rain boots, nature, and lots of happiness! :)

I only regret that I didn't get a single picture of Jackson, especially with the bubbles because he loved them!!  I get the bad mom award for not getting the camera out until the end of the afternoon (and when Jackson was taking his nap).

Happy Spring and Chaudhari love to you all!!

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