Friday's Flick: Jackson's First Steps

Seriously... Another movie day? How self-obsessed could we possibly be?

Oh, just come to our house and count how many home movies we make you watch.

I kid, I kid... Kinda. :)

In all seriousness, I promise I'm not going to have 2 movie days in one week on the family blog. Instead, as this blog is a constant work in progress, I have decided to change "Movie Monday" to "Friday's Flick".

1) Because it's a much cuter & catchier name.
2) Because it will be much easier to get a movie put together for a post by a Friday than a Monday.

Now, considering my last post was seriously long, I'm not going to do anything major today. Well, it's major to us, but you know what I mean... Basically, I'm not going to share our whole life story. :)

One big new thing that's been going on over the last few weeks is Jackson's new developing skill of walking! I wanted to share a video of him walking, especially for our family back in Tennessee who kept seeing him so close to taking those first steps!

So, here it is... Friday's Flick!

** If you're having trouble viewing this video you can go here or copy and paste this link:

Have a great weekend and Chaudhari love to you all!!


  1. How adorable! I think that Jackson and Dawson would have a lot of fun together as that's about the pace that Dawson's walking right now! :) I also noticed Jayden sitting on the Playskool baseball game which we have and Dawson loves. :) You've got two cute, cute boys!

  2. Thanks Jessica!! One of these days I hope we can get the boys together to play! I also wanted to let you know we did the library story time last week. Jayden mostly played with the toys and Jackson listened for a minute or so before getting super squirmy (typical Jackson). :) We still had a lot of fun and I think we'll do it again soon!


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