The "F" Word (Repost)

First, I want to apologize for not posting earlier this week.  My Great-Aunt passed away on Sunday, so I decided to travel down to Tennessee to spend time with my family.  We're going to be staying through the weekend while my husband runs the half marathon in the Music City race this weekend.  With exercising on the mind, I decided to repost an entry from my previous blog. Enjoy!

Originally posted on August 13,2008

This past weekend Dipal (my husband) had to travel to Chicago for a work trip, so little Jayden and I tagged along and brought our friend Amanda to help us tour "The Windy City." It was my first time actually spending time in the downtown area and I absolutely loved it! I definitely could have spent a lot more time there, there's just so much available to do. I think it's great when you can go somewhere and enjoy great shopping, great weather temp.s, a clean beach and of course sight-seeing (if you wish) all within a very short drive, or possibly even walking distance. We had a great view of downtown and the river from our hotel - The Holiday Inn at Mart Plaza - and amazing service from the staff! I have to say kudos to the Chicagoans for being way nicer than I ever expected in the north! Being from the south, I feel like I can always tell a huge difference when I travel somewhere in the hospitality of the people, but everyone was so unbelievably nice in Chicago! My only complaint would be heavy traffic, no matter what time of day, it was always there - but hey, it's a big city, it's to be expected!

So, after our downtown fun was over, we stopped to see Dipal's family who live in the Chicago suburbs. I am very lucky to have very sweet family from Dipal's side and I want to say that I really enjoy the family that we had the chance to visit with! With that said, something happened during our visit and I feel the need to share because I know I'm not the only one this has happened to, and if it happens to you, know you're not alone. Ok, here goes... My husband's aunt walked up to me and said (loosely quoted) "Brittany, you getting fat? Are you pregnant again?". That's right folks - she called me every new mom's worst nightmare, the "F" word, "FAT." Even more, asked if I was pregnant again. :(

I immediately turned a very bright shade of red and became completely flustered and speechless. I felt so great about all the walking we had done while downtown, but that bubble got busted within seconds! I never in my life have struggled with weight and definitely have never been called fat. But almost eight months after giving birth I am still struggling with losing the weight, and those who know me closely know I am very hard on myself because I have always struggled with a low self image. But only eight months after giving birth, isn't that normal for most women? Not all of us can look like Nicole Kidman or Jennifer Lopez with our personal trainers, chefs, and nannys to watch our children so we can spend time whipping ourselves into tip-top shape. For the average everyday person it takes time, and that is okay! Actually, I remember reading many times while pregnant: It takes 9 months to gain the weight and about the same to lose it. And another little fact I heard recently is that although breastfeeding can help to lose weight quickly in the beginning, it makes those last 10-15 pounds harder to lose because your body is still supporting another precious little being. So, to all of you moms out there... it's ok if you're struggling to lose that weight! You are SO not alone, even if you feel like you're surrounded by skinny mommys on TV! The healthy way to lose is slowly and you need to do what is best for you and your baby. I know I'm trying to focus on sticking to the basics of working out and eating well to try to lose my weight and eventually my weight will get back in check. To those of you who know a mommy who is working to lose that weight, give nothing but support and positivity!

I hold absolutley no hard feelings towards the aunt who made this comment to me. If anything, I'm now thankful because it inspired my working out, that had been taking somewhat of a vacation, to get back on track. I have such a supportive network of family and friends who boost that low self-esteem back up that I usually don't stay too down for too long. And hopefully, as part of the intention of the entire blog, this story can show others of you out there we all share in the same struggles as mommys!
*Photo Credit: Wikipedia - Chicago*

** Update to this post:  Since the original posting of this entry I have had a second baby (He is almost a year old, and no, I was not pregnant with him yet at the time of this entry) and am still struggling to lose the weight!  Plain and simple - it's going to take work.  Finding time in the day to work out with 2 little ones is hard!  Now that the weather is getting nicer we occasionally take walks around the neighborhood, which is great for me and the boys!  How do you find time in your busy day to fit in exercise?

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