Friday's Flick: A Little Something to Make You Smile

Today's "Friday's Flick" is a little something I've put together from the snip-its (literally) of video from Jackson's birthday party last week. Right after we sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out the candle we realized we had no video camera battery, so we did the best with what we could get. This is also why you'll notice we resing "Happy Birthday" as Jackson is about to open his gifts. You'll also see Jackson is wearing his true "birthday suit" since he got cake all over his clothes and Mommy forgot to pack an extra outfit. I guess not having to worry about what you're wearing is one of the perks of being 1! :)

And just a little note to sweet Jackson who might read this one day... We love you so much!! Thank you so much for making us smile like the sun!!

Enjoy the video, have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend, and Chaudhari love to you all!!

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Celebration Time... Come on!

Saturday we celebrated our little Jackson's first birthday with our family in Tennessee.  We had a great time relaxing with everyone and enjoying time to celebrate Jackson's first year!  For those of you on facebook, you might have already taken a look at our photo album there.  If you haven't, you can see our whole album from the party here (even if you don't have a facebook account, this is the public link).

Here's a quick recap of our party with some of my favorite pictures:

Our theme was Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

The smasher cake

The cake table

Me trying to be photographer-ish

Jackson and Pops

Jackson and his G-Man

G-Man, Jackson, and GiGi

Mommy and Jackson

Daddy and Jackson

Pops and my little sister, Kathryn (3)

My little brother, Robert (5)

Jayden loves Uncle Nathan's Tennessee helmet!

Singing "Happy Birthday" before cake

Jayden (completely unsolicited) showing Jackson what to do with cake!

Our family

The aftermath of Jackson learning what to do with cake.

Resinging "Happy Birthday" since the video camera battery died when we sang it the first time. :(

Opening gifts

In the "jumpy thing" from GiGi and G-Man

Jackson and his Pappa

Perfect ending to a perfect day!

Until next time, Chaudhari love to you all!!

Congratulations Rick!!

Tonight we got to watch Dipal's cousin, Rick, graduate from our own alma mater, Cleveland High School. We just wanted to say a huge congrats to him as we are so excited for this big step in his life!!

Rick, there are many great things ahead for you!! We hope you love every moment of it!!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from our evening... Enjoy!

Rick receiving his diploma

Rima, Me, Ankita

Posing with Rima's awesome ZTA shades! :)

Rima and Ankita

My "sister-in-law" and now my Zeta sister! :)

Dipal's twin cousins, Nick and Nikki

Throwing up the hats

Rick and his proud papa

Rick and sister, Ankita

Rick "kaka" and Jayden

Rick and Dipal

Our family with Rick

Rick and his mommy

Rima, Rick, and Ankita

So proud of him!

Congratulations Rick!!

My personal favorite from the party! :)  Smashing cake in Rick's face... all out of love!

Friday's Flick: Jayden's Night-Night Songs

Happy Friday everyone!!

We're writing to you from Tennessee today as we're spending some time with family for Dipal's cousin, Rick's, graduation, as well as Jackson's first birthday party! You know I'm loving this time we're getting with family! :)

I haven't taken any new video over the last week, so for today's "Friday's Flick" I thought I would post a video Dipal took of me and Jayden singing some songs before bed about a month ago. Jayden loves to sing, so I try to have some song time as often as we can before bed (or any other time, really).

I have so much I would like to share on the blog, especially stories, pics, and videos from this weekend, so I'll try to get all that up soon. Enjoy the video and have a great weekend!

**If you're having trouble viewing this video you can click here or copy and paste this link:

Chaudhari love to you all!!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!

May 13, 2009 I had a very much needed hair appointment scheduled for 10:30 am at a new salon I was very excited to try out (Let's be honest - look at my hair in the pictures below. Yikes!). I had put off getting my hair cut thinking I would try to make my appointment close to my due date, June 4th, but also early enough that if the baby came early the hair appointment would already be done.

May 13, 2009 Jackson Dipal Chaudhari was born at 10:22 am (3 weeks and 1 day early).

Jackson Dipal Chaudhari
6 lb.s, 14 oz.
19.5 in.

Last Thursday, we celebrated one year of having little Jackson in our lives. I can't believe my little baby is already a year old!! It makes me smile just thinking about those hours before he was born...

May 12 was a really tiring day for me. Every moment I could lay down I would. The house was a mess, but I told myself it would be ok, because as soon as nesting kicked in I would whip that place into shape. The thought that Jackson would come early wasn't a reality to me. Because I had been lying down a lot of the day, I stayed up a little later than usual that night. I stayed up and watched The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the living room until I started feeling a little tired and waddled myself up our stairs during a commercial break. I got in bed, turned the tv on in our room so that I could watch the Jay walking part of the show which always makes me laugh. Then, the feeling hit (Details censored for our male audience) - I was having a baby! I woke Dipal, threw a bunch of stuff in a bag to take to the hospital (No, I hadn't even packed a bag for the hospital yet) and off we were!

Somewhere around 11 hours, an epidural, and some popsicles later Baby Jackson was here and life has been even fuller than ever!
Jayden and Jackson meeting for the first time.

To celebrate Jackson's big day we got up early for a day all about him in St. Louis. We started with a trip to the doctor for Jackson's 1 year check-up. The appointment, as usual, started with a height and weight check. Jackson weighed in at 19 pounds (5th percentile) and 29 1/4 in. (35 percentile).

Just for fun, here are Jackson's stats from his appointments so you can see how he's grown throughout the year:
Birth - 6 lb.s, 14 oz. and 19.5 inches long
1 Month - 21.5 inches (50th percentile) and 9 lb.s, 7 oz.(50th percentile)
2 Months - 23 1/4 inches (70th %) and 11 lb.s, 12 oz. (50th %)
4 Months - 25 1/4 in. (70 %) and 13 lb.s (35%)
7.5 Months - 27 in. (50%) and 15 lb.s, 14 oz. (10%)
First Birthday (12 Months) - 29 1/4 in. (35%) and 19 lb.s (5%).

Breaking it down, Jackson has grown almost 10 inches and gained about 12 pounds in his first year!

After our doctor's visit we visited the Hairy Elephant for Jackson's very first haircut. I don't know that he really needed it, but we thought we would take advantage of the time in St. Louis to do it. In true Jackson fashion, he was a complete squirmy worm, but the haircut looks so cute. :)


After with Mommy

After with Daddy

Finally, we ended our celebration with Jackson's very first St. Louis Cardinals game! Unfortunately, we lost the game, but we did get to see Albert Pujols score which is always fun, and we appropriately bought Jackson a Pujols shirt as a gift to remember the game. We'll be having the actual birthday party this weekend with our family in Tennessee, so I'll be sure to post pictures and hopefully, even video from the party (Do I sense a future Friday's Flick?).

At the game with my big 1 year old! :)

Our family May 2010

Our first family picture of the 4 of us, May 2009

To end our birthday post, I'll share a few of our favorite pictures from over the last 12 months of little Jackson.

First photo shoot with Jayden, 1 Week Old

Cuddling before Night-Night (No, they didn't sleep together).  Look at the size difference!

First trip to the pool, 1 Month

Jayden loves his little brother, 2 Months

Smiles, 2 Months

First Indian Wedding, 2.5 Months

Laughing with PawPaw, 3 Months

Decked out in orange, 4 Months

A trooper while moving, 5 Months

First meal in the high chair, 6 Months

First Thanksgiving, 6.5 Months

First Santa Encounter, 7 Months

First Christmas, 7.5 Months

New Year's Baby, 7.5 Months

First time I walked into his room to see him standing in his crib, 8 months

Tucked in Daddy's coat, almost 10 months

Easter 2010, Almost 11 Months

12 Months

More updates from our week of birthday bashes soon, but until then... Chaudhari love to you all!!


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