Friday's Flick: A Little Something to Make You Smile

Today's "Friday's Flick" is a little something I've put together from the snip-its (literally) of video from Jackson's birthday party last week. Right after we sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out the candle we realized we had no video camera battery, so we did the best with what we could get. This is also why you'll notice we resing "Happy Birthday" as Jackson is about to open his gifts. You'll also see Jackson is wearing his true "birthday suit" since he got cake all over his clothes and Mommy forgot to pack an extra outfit. I guess not having to worry about what you're wearing is one of the perks of being 1! :)

And just a little note to sweet Jackson who might read this one day... We love you so much!! Thank you so much for making us smile like the sun!!

Enjoy the video, have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend, and Chaudhari love to you all!!

** If you're having trouble viewing this video you can click here or copy and paste this link into your browser: .

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