Happy Mother's Day!!

As Mother's Day is coming to a close, we wanted to wish the special women in our lives one more Happy Mother's Day!! We are so blessed to have such amazing moms and grandmas who have guided us, loved us, and never given up on us. A simple "Happy Mother's Day" will never be enough to let you all know the impact you've had on our lives, however, I'm hoping the following video can at least warm your heart a little. :)

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As for my own Mother's Day with my little guys, I was very happy to hear many greetings of "Happy Mother's Day" from Jayden and see the card he picked out himself, share some of my big bag of chocolate, and enjoy a nice dinner out where I completely stuffed my face (must start running again asap). On our way home from eating I asked Jayden if he had a good day and he told me he had a fun day because he had macaroni & cheese - Oh, the simple life. :) The best part of my day, although all of it was nice, was probably bedtime and taking a little more time to cuddle with the boys before they fell asleep. Sometimes it's nice to soak in as much of the present as possible, knowing one day a good day won't be as simple as getting some macaroni and cheese.

I kinda love them...

And chocolate never hurts. :)
Oh, and the card that Jayden picked out said "Mom - We wanted to get you something fun and exciting for Mother's Day... But you already had us!" How appropriate is that?!


  1. Nana loved the Mother's Day greeting from Jayden. Love and miss you all. Looking forward to our next visit, whether it's in WV or IL. :)

  2. Thank you Jayden for my Mother's Day greeting. I love you too!--Mimi


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