Project Life Tuesday: July 15-17

Occasionally, I stumble across blogs that I really like and really connect with.  One of the most recent of these is Jessica Turner's The Mom Creative.  Jessica really inspired me with her recent birthday party for her son and a weekly post she writes called Project Life Tuesday.  I always think about how I would love to have creative ways to remember this time in our lives and I am a sucker for pictures, so I decided to start participating in Project Life Tuesday despite the fact that it's July... Oh, well. :)

So here is a taste of our life from last week (or the three days of what was left of last week after I decided to start this).

Thursday, July 15: After being in the house all day, I decided to take the boys out for some water time.  They love the froggy pool!  This is a pic of the two cuties goofing off in the water.  The only downside was that we had to put the pool in the driveway instead of our yard because the hubby didn't want us to get the grass wet right before he mowed... This caused our time outside to be a little shorter, but we had fun anyway! 

Friday, July 16:  We went to our very first demolition derby at one of the local fairs!  We knew someone who was actually driving one of the cars, which made it even more exciting!!  Here is Luke driving his car after he lost one of his front wheels, which totally could have been the reason he won the Mad Dawg trophy!! (I don't know that "dawg" is the correct spelling in this situation, but it just seems appropriate!)

Saturday, July 17:  Ahhhh, Saturdays.  I love Saturdays when we are just home.  One of our favorite Saturday activities is a big family breakfast, usually pancakes and eggs made just the way everyone likes.  For Christmas, my mom Santa put an elephant shaped pancake pan in my stocking and I love using this to make pancakes for the boys.  Hopefully, it will be one of those memories they'll look back on - elephant pancakes on Saturday mornings.  This is a picture of my little man's plate complete with eggs and ketchup - the same as his daddy. :)

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  1. cool happy for you glad u had fun miss u love u em.


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