Project Life Tuesday... Or Friday: July 18-24

One of my biggest struggles with blogging is finding the time/discipline to do it on a regular basis.  I hate to use the word "discipline" because it has such a negative connotation - like someone is making me do it.  I actually am really excited about keeping up with the blog, I'm just going to have to be a better time manager in order to do so.  So, with that said, better late than never, here is Project Life Tuesday Friday.

Oh, and just let me say, I am so glad I decided to start participating in this project.  When you feel like you have the same routine day in and day out, wanting to find something to take a picture of really reminds you to appreciate every moment.  For example, one day a couple of weeks ago I made cheese quesadillas for lunch and decided to let my 2 year-old have sour cream on the side.  Next thing I know, his hands are covered in sour cream - he was pretending the sour cream was soap.  This is the type of incident that would usually make me have to turn away, hold my breath, and count to 10, but when I looked at it as a funny moment to snap a picture, my whole perspective changed.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to snap a picture until I had cleaned up the mess, but hey, I'm at new at this! :)

So, here we go!

Project Life: July 18-24

Sunday, July 18:  Tonight we went out to a family dinner at a new mexican restaurant in town.  I'll be honest, this doesn't happen a lot.  Usually, if we go out to dinner it's with a group.  We make it a priority to sit together and eat our meals at home, but there was something nice about going out to sit and have a meal.  Jackson was so cute sitting in his high chair - he is growing up way. too. quick.  As is Jayden, who while we were eating said "Is that a trumpet?" to the music in the background.  And, although I'm not educated in instruments, I'm pretty sure it was.  Then he proceeded to pretend his fork was a trumpet.  I love his love for all things music and how natural it is to him.

Monday, July 19:  Today we went with our neighbor, Kyler, to swim at his grandparents' pool.  The boys had a lot of fun.  Jackson wanted to be a big boy, which was a bit of a problem since I forgot to bring his float, but I tried to find other ways to help him feel big, like pushing him around on the adult floats.  Jayden saw how much fun this looked and decided to pretend the floats were boats.  This is the only picture I was able to snap since I had to have my eyes and hands on Jackson at all times.

Tuesday, July 20:  If you were to ask me if I like the little town we've been living in for the past 9 months, I would try to smile and give you positive answers, but you would probably be able to tell I was just trying to be positive.  However, one of the things I really, truly like is our home and the field next to it.  The first picture is a deer I saw on the other side of the field.  So cute.  The last 2 pictures are what happens when you have a 14 month old who likes to get in the trash (Why Lord, why?) - That morning's coffee filter and coffee grinds all over the floor.

Wednesday, July 21:  The first picture is Jayden playing with his helicopter/car thing and a little person from a zoo train set.  His imagination has really taken off in the last couple of months.  He really likes to pretend his little play people are doing things, like riding tractors or airplanes or swimming - the possibilities are endless, and I love listening and watching.  We also decided to make biscuits and I let Jayden help roll out the dough.  He loved helping and our finished product was delicious!

Thursday, July 22:  Daddy wasn't able to be with us for dinner due to work, so I decided I would try to do something fun for just me and the boys.  There's a little local place I heard about where they have trains circle the restaurant while you eat and train decor all over.  I knew the boys would l.o.v.e. it (as they did) and here is Jackson basking in his locomotive delight.

Friday, July 23:  My husband came up with the idea of getting the boys Go-Gurt.  They are so not ready to be able to squeeze yogurt out of a flimsy tube.  This is what happens when you give a 2 year-old an *unopened* Go-Gurt - He ends up licking it off the table, and it ends up on the table and inches behind your laptop on the counter.  Oh my.

Saturday, July 24:  We went to Chicago to celebrate our niece's first birthday.  She is absolutely beautiful  and the boys love her!  Jayden was very excited to sing "Happy Birthday" and give her the present we picked out.

I'll be linking this up over at The Mom Creative, and I highly recommend you participate too!  It's a great way to look back over your week and smile.  :)

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