Dear God, Thank You for Sports (Specifically, the Vols and Cardinals)

Life is so good.

That is the thought that soared through my mind more times than I could count last night.

As I sat holding my sleeping "Jacksey" and watching the pure joy in Jayden's eyes, I sometimes caught myself with a big, cheesy grin on my face.  But that wasn't all that got caught...

We went to Chicago for our beautiful niece's very first birthday this weekend.  It was great to see how much she's grown (I'm telling you - this girl is a doll!), as well as be with Dipal's side of the family.  I'll try to write a post fully devoted to the rest of our trip asap, but I wanted to make sure I wrote about the events of last night while the excitement was still fresh.

In addition to our niece's birthday, this weekend happened to also be the weekend the St. Louis Cardinals were in Chicago playing the Cubs at Wrigley, so when the opportunity arose for us to go to the game we decided to give it a go, and boy, am I so glad we did!!

The famous marquis

Dipal was so excited about going to a game at Wrigley. Honestly, I didn't completely get it until after we were there.  It was so neat to be driving through a neighborhood and then - Oh, hey historic major league baseball stadium!  Didn't see you there!

We had amazing seats right at first base, but as I looked around I thought it would probably be hard to find a bad seat in the house.  Although I love going to Busch to watch the Cardinals, there was a much more intimate, gather-in-everybody kinda feel to Wrigley and I loved it.

Here are some pics from the evening...

Hi there, Albert! :) Camera on zoom, but here's an idea of how great our seats were.

Nachos for dinner.

The scoreboard. (Is there a famous name for this that I don't know about? That just seems like it would be appropriate.)

Sitting with Paresh Bapa.

Mr. Pujols about to swing to hit his homer.

Pujols about to tap home plate.

Jackson with Manish Bapa and Anita Auntie (Have you noticed we were the only Cards fans in our group?) :)

So, there we were, having a great time at the game with the Cards & Cubs tied 3-3.  The Cardinals decided to put in pinch hitter Aaron Miles with 2 outs on the board.  We (as in Dipal and I) were getting a little nervous as his strike count went up to 2.  Then, all of the sudden, just like slow motion in a movie, I see this white ball rocketing towards us.  No, this wasn't one of those soar up in the air and drop balls, this was a rocket.  It flew directly to the seat of Dipal's cousin, Paresh, who dove down to avoid getting hit.  Luckily, Anita's brother Jag was with us and he immediately grabbed the ball from in between the seats and handed it to Jayden.  Oh, the look in Jayden's eyes... Priceless.  Amazing. Precious.  We were all in total shock of what had just happened, but it was fantastic.  We (of course) gave Paresh a hard time about diving to get away from the ball for the remainder of the evening, while he continued to analyze every foul ball from that point on to determine whether it was one he would be willing to try to catch or not (That is, if he had a face mask).  Every time I replayed the event in my mind I literally laughed out loud - It was priceless.  I guess what made it even funnier is that we had talked about the possibility of foul balls heading in our direction and what we would do (I obviously said I would push everyone else out of the way to get a ball for my boys... OK, maybe not).  Even the guys (Cub fans) sitting behind us said to me at the beginning of the game that if they caught a ball they would give it to the boys, but then jokingly changed their minds when they noticed we were Cardinals fans.  I guess it was meant to be, you know, in the "Cards."  (Pun intended.)

So, here are some pics after the big event...

Jayden and his Jag Uncle holding the ball.

The diver, the happy boy, and the hero of the night.

Jayden checking out his ball.  So precious.

To complete our perfect evening, the Cardinals went on to win the game in the 11th inning with Felipe Lopez's homerun.  As Lopez was at bat I told Dipal I thought something good was about to happen and had our camera ready...

Yep, he just hit a homer with that swing.

Woo hoo!!

As you can see, we had an amazing evening!!  A ton of laughs and good times with great people, and the foul ball and win of a close game were just the extra yummy icing on the cake.

This morning, Dipal and I were talking about how we always have some of our most memorable times as a family at sporting events.  Dipal and I got engaged at a Cards game, we attended a work picnic where we got to take Jayden on the Cardinals field and he began his love of Fredbirdone of my favorite memories with Jayden was when we took him to his first hockey game, last year we took Jayden to his first UT football game and he got to go on the field, we witnessed the baller Vols move on to their first elite-eight game ever, we celebrated Jackson's first birthday at the Cards game, and now this.  Sports just seems to be our family's thing and we love it.

Our family with our new special ball from a new great memory.


  1. I love your family! What a great family picture too! Love you guys.

  2. Britt - These pictures are GREAT! I swear you guys were sitting in the EXACT same seats we were in for our Cubs/Cardinals experience in Chicago! You're right... it's such a cool place.

  3. Elizabeth,
    We love you!! I hope we get to see you very soon!!

    Thanks for the comment. I thought about you as I was taking pictures in the stands and how Jonathan gave you a hard time when you were wanting to take pictures. Dipal gave me the "put that camera away" look a few times. :)


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