There Once Was a Girl... (Part I)

There once was a girl I knew, full of innocence and curiosity.  She had many questions and filled her time with imagination and creativity.   Days were spent in the warm Georgia sun with the smell of Grandma’s flowers and fresh peaches on the tree that grew right beside the array of veggies that sprouted in Grandpa's garden.  Hours were spent playing with dolls and barbies who needed to go to the hair salon or local diner to be taken care of.  Minutes upon minutes were spent singing and dancing and dreaming up visions of how she would entertain crowds one day – and this little girl did it to the fullest of her imagination.

She was blessed to have an amazingly loving family, and in her big, brown eyes, they were perfect.  Sure, there were things this little girl would have changed at the time, like having her daddy live in the same house instead of 5 hours away, or having Mommy able to make it to every single cheerleading occasion or basketball game instead of having to work, but as many times as those prayers might have been prayed, the little girl knew she was loved 100 times more than that by her people, and it helped her keep hope.

Each time Daddy made the long drive for a birthday or to take her trick-or-treating on Halloween she felt the deep love and pride he had in her.  Each time Mommy took her to a special breakfast or on a girl's day out to the mall and movies, she knew Mommy's love was unending.  This made the little girl feel safe and happy, and it helped her keep hope.

As this little girl grew there were a lot of changes.  Mommy remarried and they moved to Tennessee.  Soon, the little girl had the brother and sister she had always prayed for, but she wasn’t happy that she had to live that life in Tennessee.  She craved the peace and warmness she felt under that Georgia sun and prayed for a way to return there, but that wasn’t what God had planned for her.  Despite being somewhere she didn’t want to be, she knew the people around her loved her, and it helped her keep hope.

Soon, she began to love Tennessee and actually became thankful she was there.  Although she cherished her old friends and memories with family, she became thankful for the new ones she was making.  Her church youth group felt like another home, where she could be herself and seek a relationship with her heavenly creator.  She knew He loved her, and it helped her keep hope.

Daddy got a new job and moved closer – also in Tennessee, only an hour away.   He introduced her to the love of college football and lazy days on the lake.  He cared about her opinion when he chose a bride.  She could always feel the love he had for her, and it helped her keep hope.

Soon, she graduated from high school, and although this little girl was short in stature, she was no longer “little.”   She was ready to take on the world, learn new things, and show everyone at this big, new school what she was made of – that is, until she felt all alone.  But there was a boy, a boy she had known since high school (even though he had known her since middle school), and he told her if she stuck with him he would help the loneliness go away.  She felt like he cared, and it helped her keep hope.

Through the years she stuck with him, despite his bouts of acting like a true-and-true college boy, and she began to have the confidence to do all the things she wanted – making new friends, joining new groups, and showing them all what she was made of.  But something was missing.  She put her heavenly father to the side to seek acknowledgement from those here on earth, and when they made her feel content, she thought she had hope.

Until the times they didn’t, not because they didn’t care for her, but because no one is perfect and people always, always will disappoint when you expect them to be perfect.  She still tried to find security in the boy, and when he made her feel loved, she thought she had hope.

Until he didn’t, because this girl wanted to be completed, while the boy just wanted to enjoy his time in college.  It wasn’t that he didn’t love her, he just wasn’t ready to make the commitment she was.  And even though she tried to walk away, he would ask her for another chance and tell her how much he needed her and loved her, and it helped her keep hope.

Things between the girl and the boy went too far too soon, and the day before final exams their senior year the girl found out she was expecting a baby.  Although she hadn’t talked to the boy in two days due to an argument, she called him to tell him they needed to talk.  The boy, excitedly thinking this was the girl wanting to patch things up, drove to pick up the girl so they could talk.  When she told him the news, his first reaction was shock, but he immediately grabbed her hand, looked in her eyes, and told her everything would be ok.  She believed him, and it helped her keep hope.

(To be continued...)

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  1. awww so sweet. can't wait for part 2. i know the end but i never knew the begining. so you prayed for me then and i'll pray for you now. it took me a while to relize that was you and your dad then. awww again ! love u miss u em.


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