There Once Was a Girl... (Part II)

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The next day was an already scheduled doctor’s appointment where the news was confirmed.  It was true, the girl was 4 weeks along.  She decided she would wait until after her college graduation to tell her family because she didn’t want them to be distracted with the news.  Her mom, with God-given instinct, immediately drove to see her daughter within hours of that doctor’s appointment when the girl wouldn’t answer her phone.  As soon as the girl saw her mom, she knew she couldn’t keep this from her, so she broke down and told her mom the news.  Her mom, who loved her so much, assured her everything was going to be ok, and the girl trusted her, and it helped her keep hope.

Her mom told the girl she needed to immediately tell her dad the news.  So, her mom drove the girl to her dad’s house and they sat down as she told them.  They listened to her, and they hugged her, and they told her everything was going to be ok.  She believed them, and it helped her keep hope.

She went on to graduate from her university, seeing the days of her sorority and as president of the public relations student society seemingly so far in the past, with much uncertainty and fear in her future.  How were people going to treat her?  What would they say behind her back?  How many people would turn their backs on her because of the disorder of events taking place?  Then she remembered, there was one who would never turn His back on her, and it helped her keep hope.

The girl and the boy went through the motions of telling all the close people in their lives what was going on.  They made plans to get married, sought out premarital counseling, but more importantly, they prayed.  They wanted to do what was right, not what others thought was right, but what was truly right.  There were ups and downs along the way, but they got by the best they knew how, and within 4 months planned a beautiful wedding day (with much help from their loved ones).  Despite the uncertainty that occasionally continued to pop up, the boy and the girl knew God could would do great things in their life, and it helped them keep hope. 

The boy landed a great job which required the newlyweds to move about 8 hours away from their family.  They started building their lives together in a new place, just the two of them.  It was hard being away from family, but they knew this was where they needed to be to learn how to completely rely on each other instead of their families.  They prepared themselves and their one bedroom apartment for the baby on the way and continued to trust God, and it helped them keep hope.

Then, one morning the girl woke up early and knew something was happening.  This was it - the baby was here.  The couple jumped in the car and flew to the hospital.  Ten hours later they were holding their beautiful baby boy.  When they looked in his eyes, there was no doubt, they knew they had hope.

Months went by, the baby boy grew, and so it seemed everything else did too - their faith, their marriage, and their joy.  Before long, they were celebrating their first wedding anniversary and soon after were expecting their second baby.  They soon bought their first home where they brought home their second baby.  Life seemed to be as bright as their sweet newborn's eyes, which made it easy for the family to keep hope.

Soon after the birth of the second baby, the couple experienced the unexpected loss of a loved one.  It was hard for them as they saw the full circle of life flash before them in a matter of days.  There was sadness, frustration, confusion, and even doubts.  The pain was hard, but they tried to persevere and cling to their faith, and it helped them keep hope.

A few months later, the boy, now a husband, father, and leader of the family, got a promotion in his job which meant the family would be moving once again to a new place where they knew no one.  Although, it wasn't home, they were closer to family, which was comforting and helped them keep hope.

And, as you have probably guessed, here I am now, trying to keep hope, but not only keeping it for myself, but sharing it with others.

My life has been so blessed, that even when I strayed and made poor decisions, God took it and gave me the most wonderful blessings I could ever desire, but that doesn't mean the road was easy.  In fact, it has been a very rocky road (Don't you wish I was talking about ice cream?) with many speed bumps along the way, and, I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one.  Maybe your potholes and speed bumps (hurts, pains, and bad decisions) weren't the same as mine, or maybe they were, but either way, I hope you know you're not alone.

We each have our own daily grind, but let's try and make the best of it, learn from it, and glorify God through it.

How about we do it together?


  1. Thanks for sharing your story...mine is a similar one. I stumbled on your blog through Impress Your Kids and it's been encouraging to read your story this morning. Isn't it wonderful how God chooses to bless us despite the choices we make? I am glad things have worked out so well for your sweet family despite the rocky start!

  2. Such a sweet story - thanks for sharing. Wonderful to see God's blessings amidst our own challenges!


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