Mama Likes to Write...

So, Mama started a new blog called "Hope in the Daily Grind."

It's a place where I can share my heart and untangle some thoughts apart from the family blog.  I want to keep Cha Cha Chronicles as more of a private family and friends blog where I can focus on sharing what's happening in our lives with our loved ones.  Hope in the Daily Grind will have some things about my family, like a thing called Project Life Tuesday, but will mostly be a place to jot out (I guess it's really typing out) what's going on in my life, head, or heart.

Feel free to follow me over at Hope in the Daily Grind if you're interested in what I'm talking about.  If not, that's cool too.  Just making the offer available. :)

I'll try to let you guys know when I do a Project Life.  (Here are links directly to the first, second, and third ones I have participated in.)  It's something a blogger named Jessica Turner started on her blog The Mom Creative, and since I'm linking those posts up to her site I would rather participate from Hope in the Daily Grind (I need to start shortening that) than from Cha Cha.  Did that make sense?  Basically, I don't want to have a lot of strangers coming to this site, I would rather them go to HITDG (Is that better?).

I obviously need to stop writing now and getting back to life, but I just wanted to share.

Hope to have a new post on here soon, you know, as soon as reality allows. :)

Chaudhari love to you all!

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