Project Life Tuesday: August 1-7

It's one of my favorite posts of the week... Project Life Tuesday!! :)

Here are some of my favorite snapshots from last week, August 1-7, 2010.

Sunday, August 1:  Jayden decided to practice some baseball while wearing his "Uncle Nay Nay's" shirt before my family left to travel back home.  My mom was taking some shots with our camera and I thought these were really cute of Jayden practicing his hitting.  He would throw the ball up in the air himself and then hit it.  I (proud mama) thought that was pretty spiffy for his age. :)  (Who cares that he was hitting a basketball rather than a baseball?)

Monday, August 2:  This child has got to be one of the most photogenic babies I know (proud mama moment #2).  He loves the camera.

Tuesday, August 3:  Happy Birthday to my mom (or GiGi as we call her around here)!!  I took this picture of Jayden with his cheeks full of food because this has been something he has done as long as I can remember.  He'll be eating fine and then all of the sudden will start storing all his food in his cheeks rather than swallowing it.  Thank goodness it's not as consistent as it use to be, but every now and then it still happens.

Wednesday, August 4:  Happy Birthday to G-Man!!  I've noticed this summer that we have a ton of butterflies that flutter around our house as if it's their own little playground.  It's not uncommon for one to land on our door and this is Jackson checking it out.

Thursday, August 5:  I left my empty coffee cup on the coffee table in our living room and when I turned around I noticed a little someone was trying to drink the remaining drops.  This was his reaction to the taste he got.  Warning: Not for those who get grossed out easily.  Don't worry, the very next second he was dancing around proud of himself.

Friday, August 6:  Today was a tough day for me around the house.  It was hard to find the motivation and energy to accomplish a lot and the boys and I just seemed to be on opposite pages.  Seeing Jayden share his last few drops of Gatorade with Jackson after some hot outside play time almost melted away everything that happened that day.

Saturday, August 7:  Today we went to a nearby town that was having a "mud bogg."  I'll explain for those of you like me who are completely unfamiliar with these.  Basically, a mud bogg is when you set up a mud pit to see how far you can drive a 4-wheeler through it before it gets stuck.  The obvious goal would be to make it across the whole pit without getting stuck at all, but that didn't happen for anyone at this event.  Before the mud bogg we watched the town parade complete with a fire truck, antique tractors, and miniature cars who all threw out candy.  The boys and I stayed at the mud bogg as long as we could in the heat, but before the end had to leave to get in some AC.  Unfortunately, we missed my husband getting third place!  Here's his trophy complete with his muddy jeans in the background.  Oh, the things Illinois exposes us to.  :)

Hope you all had a fabulous week!!

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  1. Wonderful photos! You know, it's funny. My son made that same icky face when he got the last couple drops out of my beer bottle a couple weeks ago! It was hiarious.

  2. Your boys are adorable!! We ride four wheelers too. But hubby is more into RC cars now that we have kids {cheaper and less dangerous} LOL! We still ride around the house some. Great pictures!

  3. Oh Brittany! I just love to keep up with the C-Clan through your blogs...


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