Project Life Tuesday: August 15-21

Here's a peek from last week!

Sunday, August 15:  Jayden sang his first solo at church today!  He sang Jesus Loves Me, and he did it beautifully.  I'm tempted to share the video on here, very tempted. :)

Monday, August 16:  One of the cutest things about babies are their little feet.  I love Jayden and Jackson's sweet feet and little toes, so I thought I should capturte a picture of what those little feet look like these days.  One day (all too soon), those feet will turn into big, man feet.  That is such a wild thought.

Tuesday, August 17:  The boys love going to eachother's rooms to play, and although a mess usually ensues, I love that they're making that bond with one another.  (Yes, I have been warned that one day brothers start wrestling instead of rolling cars and tractors beside eachother, but in my little, happy world I'm pretending that's not true.)  One day last week they closed the door behind them, and when I went to check and make sure they were ok this is what I saw - Jackson opening the door and Jayden jumping in Jackson's crib that he crawled himself into.  Silly boys.

Wednesday, August 18:  Jackson pretending to ride the dump truck, and yes, this is what our living room looks like on most mornings.  By noticing the container on the right of the picture you can see I atleast attempt to keep things somewhat organized. 

Thursday, August 19:  We thought Jayden ran to the kitchen to get his milk out of the fridge, but when my husband went to check on him (because it was taking him a while), we found him standing in the fridge finishing off some chocolate pudding.  So much for that last 60 cal pudding snack I was saving...

Friday, August 20:  This was my little brother, Robert's, first day of kindergarden!  Doesn't he look handsome?  Jayden was excited for Robert that he got to start school, but as soon as Robert left Jayden busted into tears, sobbing "I want to go to school."  Jayden, let's not rush things.  Soon enough, little man, soon enough.

Saturday, August 21:  Today we celebrated my Pops' 80th birthday!  He is such a special, special man and I am so blessed to have him as a grandfather.  We had a fun get-together with family celebrating the special way he's touched our lives.  We picked up some Uncle Bud's Catfish for lunch (appropriate since his nickname is "Bud") and Maggie Moo's ice cream dream cake for dessert.  Can I just tell you how great that cake was? Mmmmm. Delicious. Addictingly delicious.  And they make cupcakes... I'm just sayin'.  (I should totally get paid for the amount of endorsement I just gave them. ;) )

I'm really having fun taking and editing the pictures every week!  This week was especially fun as I found some new ways to edit the photos.

I'll be linking this up over at The Mom Creative, where you can find more Project Life posts!


  1. You need to post the video of Jayden singing!! I bet it's so cute.

    P.S. I'm loving all these posts lately. You must have gotten a creative rush recently! Keep 'em coming!!

  2. Thanks, friend! I enjoy it so much that I've been making it a priority to stick with it!

  3. Oh how neat. I enjoyed these. I just learned how to take the color and out and paint one in. Cool huh?

    Your sons are precious♥

  4. Looks like you had a great week. Love the feet shot! So adorable!

  5. @Susan - Thank you so much! Your pictures of your grandchildren are always so precious! They're beautiful!

    @Sarah - Thank you! The feet shot is one of my favorites! It's always gratifying to find out how to do something different with photos!


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