Project Life Tuesday: July 25-31

Oh, my.  I really thought I was going to get this posted on Tuesday.  I can't even tell you how many times I sat down to work on this and then would have to stop for my full time job, being Mommy.  I finally decided I was going to have to wait until the boys were in bed, and within a few minutes of putting everything together, fell asleep sitting straight up with the computer in my lap.  It was just that kind of day.  Like I said last week, my time management skills are in major need of improvement.  It didn't help that our camera is set on the wrong time and I couldn't remember which day our pictures were taken so I kept trying to play everything back in my head... Enough excuses... 

Turn that frown upside down...

Yay!! It's Project Life Tuesday!!  Here's a peek at our lives from July 25-31.

Sunday, July 25:  (Please excuse my long description, but it was that great of a day) We finished up our weekend in Chicago with our first visit to Wrigley Field to watch the Cardinals and Chicago Cubs.  It. Was. Amazing!!  We loved Wrigley and the game was fantastic (Cards won 4-3 in the 11th inning)!!  To top it off, my little man got a foul ball!!  Here's the story recounted as told to our friends and family:  So, there we were, having a great time at the game with the Cards & Cubs tied 3-3.  The Cardinals decided to put in pinch hitter Aaron Miles with 2 outs on the board.  We (as in Dipal and I) were getting a little nervous as his strike count went up to 2.  Then, all of the sudden, just like slow motion in a movie, I see this white ball rocketing towards us.  No, this wasn't one of those soar up in the air and drop balls, this was a rocket.  It flew directly to the seat of Dipal's cousin, Paresh, who dove down to avoid getting hit.  Luckily, Anita's brother Jag was with us and he immediately grabbed the ball from in between the seats and handed it to Jayden.  Oh, the look in Jayden's eyes... Priceless.  Amazing. Precious.  We were all in total shock of what had just happened, but it was fantastic.  We (of course) gave Paresh a hard time about diving to get away from the ball for the remainder of the evening, while he continued to analyze every foul ball from that point on to determine whether it was one he would be willing to try to catch or not (That is, if he had a face mask).  Every time I replayed the event in my mind I literally laughed out loud - It was priceless.  I guess what made it even funnier is that we had talked about the possibility of foul balls heading in our direction and what we would do (I obviously said I would push everyone else out of the way to get a ball for my boys... OK, maybe not).  Even the guys (Cub fans) sitting behind us said to me at the beginning of the game that if they caught a ball they would give it to the boys, but then jokingly changed their minds when they noticed we were Cardinals fans.  I guess it was meant to be, you know, in the "Cards."  (Pun intended.)

Monday, July 26:  No pictures today.  I think I was still on a high from the night before.  Did I mention it was one of my favorite family memories? :)

Tuesday, July 27:  Today I tried to think of something fun and different to do with Jayden and remembered he had received some of those little capsule-looking things that turn into sponges when put in water.  I thought he would enjoy doing a couple of those, so we got a cup of hot water, dropped the capsule in, and waited... and waited... and waited... and went away, played, had lunch, and then remembered to check on it, and thankfully, it was finally complete.  I think the whole process might have taken 1.5 hours.  I thought those things were only suppose to take a few minutes, however, he still enjoyed playing with it until Jackson ripped it into 3 pieces. :)

Wednesday, July 28:  Today I finally got my Illinois driver's license, you know, after living here for 9 months...  I think I'm still secretly hoping in the back of my mind we'll somehow make it back to Tennessee (Please God, pretty please!).

Thursday, July 29:  Baseball isn't just America's favorite passtime, but also my little man's.  I know I'm his mom, but I'm incredibly impressed with his skills considering he's only 2.5.  Lord knows I couldn't teach him a perfect pitch if I tried.  He loves pretending like he's pitching, batting, and running the bases. Sometimes, as he's "running the bases"he'll stop, point, and say "Look Mommy, fireworks!" as if he scored a homerun, to which I stop what I'm doing and clap and cheer.  He's precious.

Friday, July 30:  Today my mom, stepdad, brother, sister, and family puppy dog all came to visit and spend the weekend.  My sister made the bracelet below for me out of my 3 favorite colors - orange, pink, and blue (I specifically like turquoise to be exact, but ya gotta work with what ya got).  I thought she did a great job!

Saturday, July 31:  My mom came in and took some pics of me going through our bedtime routine with Jackson.  I'm all about having routine, and this is one of those things we've done with both boys.  After getting into pajamas, we read a story, pray, sing a song, and then they lay down.  Below is Jackson clasping his hands for prayer time.  Did I mention he's precious?

So, that's it.  This seems sloppy today, but it's time for me to wrap it up and call it quits.

Say a prayer for God to help me with my time management skills?  It goes a lot deeper than just not having time to edit photos and write blog posts.


Oh, and I'm linking this up over at The Mom Creative.  You should check it out! :)

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