Walking in Love

Today, August 25, is mine and my husband's 3rd wedding anniversary.

In some ways I feel like there's no way 3 years have passed, but on the other hand it's hard to believe we've done as much as we have in the 3 years we've been married.  We've had 2 beautiful boys, Jayden 2.5 and Jackson 15 months (If your math isn't adding up and you're confused, you can read more about my story here then here), we've moved 3 times, bought 2 homes (not at the same time), made new friends, found a great church, and dreamed about the future.

There are good times when laughter abounds, and there are hard times when it feels like my face is covered in cake.  Sticky, hard to clean off, leaving stains on my clothes from where it falls.

I'm following a reading plan for my Bible, and this morning part of the reading was 2 John 1 (The only chapter in 2 John).  The following verses stood out to me and I'd like to share them.
"(1) To the elect lady and her children, whom I love in truth, and not only I, but also all those who have known the truth, (2) because of the truth which abides in us and will be with us forever: (3) Grace, mercy, and peace will be with you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love."
Moving on to verse 5...
"(5) And now I plead with you, lady, not as though I wrote a new commandment to you, but that which we have had from the beginning: that we love one another.  (6) This is love, that we walk according to His commandments.  This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it."
As I studied a little about what was going on in these verses this is what I learned - John was writing to a lady whose family was following God, staying faithful in Him, but John didn't hesitate to remind this lady that she and her family need to walk in love, lest they fall.

And this got me thinking...

Marriage isn't easy.  Being a mom isn't easy.  Taking care of a home isn't easy.

Life isn't easy.

But I will walk in love.

When I don't want to get out of bed early to take care of myself so that I can take care of my family, I'll do it anyway, because I love God and I love them.  When I don't feel like doing the umpteenth load of laundry or mopping the milk stains up off the floor, I'll do it anyway, because I love God and I love them.  And God commanded me to walk in love.

I'll ask God to help me wash my face clean, pass the stain remover over, and hold my hand to help me stand back up in Him, daily.

And I'll try to smile, even when that cake is on my face, because beside me is someone who gets cake on his face too, and we're in this together.


  1. Thanks for the reminder to walk in love. What a daily grind we go through, but an amazing God who loves us and brings us through each day.

    Love you! Happy Anniversary!

  2. I love this! Well done. Happy Anniversary!! Love you,


  3. it just gets better and better love you sis

  4. we must be kindred spirits :)...oh and ps, love the cake face :)!!!!


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