Fall = Football

Oh, there are so many things to enjoy about fall.  The cooler temperatures, the changing colors of the leaves, pulling out sweaters and boots from the back of the closet, but by far the best thing about fall is football around this household.

We love us some football.

Before the season even begins we sit down and plan our calendar according to which Tennessee games we're going to.  Season tickets are {what we consider} a necessary splurge in our budget, therefore we have to maximize our use of them.  Away games on tv?  Don't even think about trying to make plans with us.  While I might be able to pull myself away from the tv (Yello... Anyone else heard of Tivo? How about Twitter?  You can totally keep up with the game that way.), don't even attempt to do that with Dipal.  Tennessee football is father/son bonding time and nothing can take its place.

Each game we've been to this season has been special for one reason or another, but I think the best would have to be taking Jackson to his first UT game.  We start 'em young around here at a mere 15.5 months old.  While it was fun taking both the boys, it definitely was a lot of work.

Here is what we look like before the game...

... and after.

Yep, holding on for dear life. :)

Dipal and I went to our next 2 games kidless (Florida & Bama) thanks to my mom, stepdad, brother & sister who watched them.  They also had some help from Dipal's cousin, Ankita, who loves spending time with the boys.  Despite the losses by the Vols, the games were fun because we got to spend time with our friends from college and reminisce about old times, and we also got to visit with Dipal's cousin Rima who now goes to UT (and is a Zeta, might I add). :)

Florida game

Reunited with Smokey.  I swear he's smiling here.

Ran into my sweet friend, Courtney!!

Sweet sorority sisters.  Zeta is for life (or insert your own cheesy line here)!! :)

Before the Bama game at one of my favorite restaurants!

Tailgating with the hubs...

... and this guy. :)

Dipal invited some work acquaintances down and we got to take them on the field before the game!

Forcing smiles after our blowout loss to Bama.  I'm not into these "rebuilding" years...

Besides watching football, Dipal has been playing a little bit of football himself.  He joined our church league, the VFL (Vine Football League), and has loved every single minute.  It has served as a reminder that he's not getting any younger, hence the passing out in the recliner when he gets home, but has been fun none-the-less.  As a proud wife, I would like to add that he has scored a touch down in every game he's played and has really played hard, but not that I'm surprised.  Dipal puts his all into everything he does with enthusiasm, which is just one reason why I love him. :)

Dipal taking a break from the game to love on his boys.

Jayden checking out the scene

Catching a pass

Another completion

And while football is our favorite thing to do in the fall, we've done lots of other fun things too.

I've been developing my inner Martha Stewart (the crafty side, not the criminal side).

Took this wreath I found at Goodwill for $2...

... and turned it into this.

And took this bottle...

... and turned it into this vase.

The boys have been soaking up the sun every last bit they can before it's too cold.

And I've been continuing to work on Jayden's letters with him, making crafts, and we even started going back to the library for story hour today and checked out some books.  Oh, and I called about getting Jayden screened for preschool today, but I'm not really ready to talk about it. :(  {My baby cannot be old enough to go to school!!} Maybe another day.

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  1. Brit-
    Love all the pics! There are some really good ones of you and Dipal together at the Tennessee games! Also love your wreath & vase! I had no idea you were so crafty! :)



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