5K Goal: Accomplished.

About this time last year I got on a kick to run a 5K.  I was looking for a way to lose some weight, and I thought training for a 5K would do the trick.  I was right.  By the time I was up to running 3 miles I had lost 10 pounds and had my eyes set on running my first 5K in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day.

Except when we woke up on Thanksgiving Day 2009 in Chicago the weather was rainy and horrible.  So, we backed out.  I was super sad, but told myself I would still accomplish my goal.

Fast forward to April 2010 when Dipal ran the half in the Country Music Marathon.  My dad, Liz, and I commented numerous times how fun it would be for all of us to be able to do a half marathon.  Fast forward to Father's Day 2010 when we gave my dad workout clothes and a challenge as his gift - a challenge to run a 5K together.

Fast forward to October 30, 2010: Goal accomplished. :)

We ran with Team Ramsey (as in Dave Ramsey) at the Run for Mercy 5K in Nashville.  As we arrived it was super cold, but we managed to take a few before shots.

This was also my dad's first 5K race!

The running crew

My coach and me

Our cheer section

The race began at 9 a.m., and by that time the weather started to warm up and the sun was shining bright.  It was a beautiful morning for a run!  As we took off across the starting line I was so proud to be running beside my dad.  I have always looked up to him so much, and to see him out there pushing himself was just awesome!

Finishing up the race

Dad finishing up

We finished our first 5K!!

We all finished injury free!!

I am happy to report that I ran the whole thing which was my goal.  I wasn't really concerned with time since running has never been my thing, only finishing.

So, would I do it again?  Absolutely.

I'm even somewhat considering running the half at the Country Music Marathon in Nashville come April.  It's still only a consideration.  We'll see. :)

Anyone wanna join me?


  1. Congrats on running your first race! I am so proud of you, lady!!!

  2. Enjoyed this! I ran (well, and walked) a 5K in October with a group from church after doing the "Run for God" study. My goal is now to run the next one without walking as you did! Congratulations.


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