Jackson @ 18 Months

** I'm going to try to start a new little feature on the blog where I do one post per month solely devoted to each of the boys.  For example, Jackson's birthday is May 13th, so on the 13th of every month I'll do a post devoted to what's going on with Jackson at the current moment, and the same with Jayden (except his would be on the 22nd of the month).  There have been so many times I've wished I could remember the little things that were going on at different stages that have passed, so hopefully this will help me do that, and it never hurts to give you guys a little more reading material. :)

You are truly becoming a little man.  Your ability to talk has exploded recently and every day you amaze me with new words.  It's crazy to see my "baby" talking as well as you do.  You love your doggy, and are finally able to say "doggy" in a recognizable way.  Over the last week you have started saying sentences like "Night Night Daddy" which is absolutely precious.  You also have started pronouncing "Jayden" clearly, and you say his name quite often.  Most the time it's in excitement of seeing your big brother, but occasionally it's because you're trying to tell on him. :)  You also are still figuring out the appropriate times to say "Thank you" and "You're welcome" (Sometimes you say "welcome" when Mommy hands you a cookie instead of "thank you," but I'm just happy you're showing appreciation.  We'll get to specifics later.) and sometimes even "Bless you" when someone sneezes.  You definitely pick up on everything around you.  Last night at dinner you were copying every face or action Jayden made, and for now, you guys think that's funny.

Whenever you see a Tennessee shaker you immediately pick it up and sing "Rocky Top."  My favorite part is the "woo!" you do towards the end.  I've got to get a video posted so we'll be able to show you one day.

You love to ask for movies, but never sit to watch more than a few minutes if I turn them on.  You're great at helping clean up, but you also think it's fun to pour all the blocks out of the bucket or bag at one time.

You really love playing with choo choo trains, cars, airplanes and tractors.  I'm thinking this is how we'll decorate your room once we finally get to it.

You love to eat (as you always have), especially cookies (animal crackers) and you would drink juice all day if I let you.

You love getting into cabinets and drawers and you also like to climb.  If you're getting in trouble it's probably for one of those things.

You give really tight hugs and sweet kisses when you feel like it.  You love sitting on the kitchen counter by me when I get on the computer, but that's usually short-lived as you usually start getting into something.

You love your daddy to pieces.  It's not uncommon for the first word out of your mouth in the morning to be "Daddy!" for him to come get you, and I think that's probably one of his favorite ways to wake up.

We're so proud of the little guy you're becoming, and I'm thankful I feel closer to you every day.



  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! It is amazing how these little people change everyday! I think it's wonderful that you want to document it more. And of course he is absolutely adorable! I can't believe he is 18 months today!

  2. He is so adorable & so happy all the time! I just love that little smile!


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