Relaxing Weekend in... Memphis?!

As all of you probably know, we travel a lot.  So when we sat at a nice family dinner out Friday night we talked about how happy we were to have no plans this weekend.  When Jayden said something about going to Tennessee we just smiled and told him "Not this weekend."

We woke up Saturday, ate our traditional big Saturday morning pancake breakfast, then I proceeded to organize Jayden's closet while Dipal and Jackson took late morning naps.  I had mixed some cookie dough the day before that I decided to go ahead and bake.  Right about the time the cookies were coming out of the oven Dipal woke up from his nap.  When he walked into the kitchen he looked at me and said, "You're going to think I'm crazy, but what do you think about going to the Tennessee/Memphis game?"

And within 1.5 hours we were on our way.

No tickets.  No hotel room.  No worries.

Along our 3.5 hour journey we alerted Facebook friends to our plans, booked a hotel room (Thank you Hilton reward points), and laughed about how just a few short hours before we had no idea we would be making a trip to Memphis (my first ever).

We arrived at the game right around kickoff, bundled up the boys, got a quick pic, and were on to our next task - finding tickets.

After a bit of negotiating, running into some friends from college (Love that you can go to a UT game anywhere and run into people you know!), and proving to the Memphis fans that we indeed had bought the tickets they claimed as their season tickets, we were ready to cheer the Vols on to victory!

We even got to hang out with "Uncle" Will, Stuart, and Click (some of Dipal's fraternity brothers) during the second half.  (Which I of course failed to get a picture of.)

As we were approaching the end of the game we decided to walk over to the Vols fan section and see Ms. Joy (who we love, love, love) and we were lucky enough to grab some pictures with her, Smokey, and the cheerleaders.  This is also about the time all of you saw Dipal and the boys on TV... you know, while I was off to the side taking pictures... figures. :)

Smokey and the guys
I was attempting to get a picture of Dipal taking to Ms. Joy...
When the rest of you were watching this cuteness on TV. :)
The boys with Ms. Joy on the field
The boys and a few of the cheerleaders.  Don't let Jayden's uninterested face fool you.  When asked about this picture this morning his eyes lit up and he got a huge smile on his face. ;)
Ms. Joy walking around with Jayden on the field.
We ended the night in our warm hotel room watching Sportscenter and sharing ice cream.  A perfect way to use our extra hour in the day if you ask me.  Thank you Daylight Saving Time.

Dipal made a commitment to help out at church Sunday morning, so we woke up early and enjoyed a drive through the Tennessee country roads serenaded by Jayden singing Rocky Top a large amount of the way.

So, maybe the weekend wasn't "relaxing" in the sense we thought it would be, but it was definitely pretty perfect.

Chaudhari love to you all!!


  1. I love this!!! What a great memory you guys have. When you and Dipal are old and gray, you'll think "remember that time we took the kids on that spontaneous roadtrip to Memphis?" Crazy youngsters! =)

  2. great pics of the family! you guys are too cute! looks like you had a great time!


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