"To Infimmity and Beyond!"

Thought I would do a Halloween post before too much time passes.  (Yes, this means 2 posts in one day.  I'm crazy like that.) :)

Our original idea for Halloween was for Jayden to dress up as an Imagination Mover and Jackson to dress up as Warehouse Mouse (the mouse from the same show).  From the time Jackson was born I thought this would be super cute, and was convinced that would be how they were dressed for their first Trick-or-Treating experience.  Yes, I said "first" as in my almost 3-year-old Jayden has never been Trick-or-Treating.  To some this might seem a little crazy, but I just didn't see a point in dressing him up to go get candy for me and Dipal to eat.  (Maybe I'm a little bit of a Halloween Scrooge.)  We did dress Jayden up for his first Halloween, only because someone gave us the costume as a gift and we happened to be going to a Halloween shindig with our friends (at which Dipal and I were the only ones not dressed up... See I told you, Halloween Scrooges we are).

Jayden's First Halloween

Last year we spent Halloween at the Tennessee/South Carolina game, so that was an obvious skip on dressing up, but at least we were in festive colors, since they happen to be the colors for UT as well.

So, this year we went through with the dressing up.  After having some trouble finding a good Imagination Movers costume, you know, that was less than $50 (This scrooge is not spending 50 bucks on a toddler Halloween costume), we decided to ask Jayden what he would like to dress up as.  Buzz Lightyear it was!  We also let him choose for Jackson since he's a little young to answer, but I think Jackson was very pleased with the result.

Despite my scrooginess, it was really fun to see how excited the boys were to dress up.  On the way home from buying the costume Jayden told me "I'm gonna put my wings on and fly!"  I was a little worried he might be disappointed to see he couldn't really fly, but he had a blast pretending.  When we were out a couple of days later getting some last minute things for the costumes he kept repeating "To infimmity {infinity} and beyond!"  He was really getting into character. :)

And here are the cuties all dressed up for Halloween!

And on the way home already digging into their goodies!

By the time we got to our first Trick-or-Treating stop I think all my scrooginess had left.  It was so cute watching them walk up to the door in their costumes, Jayden saying "Trick-or-Treat" and then thanking people no matter what they gave him - Candy to crackers to toothpaste. :)

We ended the night with a yummy dinner at our neighbors' house and some warm apple cider handing out candy to our 5 trick-or-treaters.  Oh well, more candy for us the boys.

And just so you know, Dipal and I do know how to have some fun on Halloween...  Here's a little proof.

Jasmine & Aladdin ZTA Halloween Date Party - 2004

Typical me and Dipal circa 2004

Smokey and Smokey's Trainer ZTA Halloween Date Party - 2005
(Most of you know Dipal was actually Smokey's trainer his junior and senior years.)

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

(And seriously... You can stop laughing at our pictures now.) :)

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