Project Life 2011: January 16-22

Sunday, January 16 ~ No picture today.  Jackson was getting over his sickness, so we tried to lay low and get some stuff done around the house.

Monday, January 17 ~ For Jayden's birthday we gave him a Leapster Explorer.  He loves it so much that we have quickly figured out the parenting art of limiting techy time.  Every now and then Jackson will pretend like he's playing too, but other times he'll sit and watch Jayden play (like in this picture).

Tuesday, January 18 ~ Still having a lot of fun with the glasses! :)

Wednesday, January 19 ~ One of my favorite things about where we live is seeing the deer and other wildlife!  So cute watching them run across the field!

Thursday, January 20 ~ Snow day!!  The lighting outside was PERFECT for some great pictures of the boys!!

Friday, January 21 ~ No pictures today.  We were too busy getting ready for our trip to Chicago to see Dipal's mom before she left on a trip to India.

Saturday, January 22 ~ After we got to Chicago the boys jumped around with Aashi to release some energy after being in the car for so long.  I caught Aashi in a midair jump in this pic!

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  1. Great pics! Love the ones of the boys' outside in their snow gear! Hope you guys had a great trip to Chicago!


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