Project Life 2011: January 9-15

I've decided to make some changes to how I do Project Life.  I'm going to start these posts over here at our family blog rather than my personal blog because I would much rather share our pictures with family and close friends. I know a lot of you check out my personal blog too, but this way all personal/family posts will be together.  I'll no longer be participating in the public link-up, but I will always include the button above which will take you to Jessica Turner's blog where you can see others blogs who do participate in the public link-up. Now, on to the fun!

Sunday, January 9 ~ (Still in Tennessee) The boys loved watching movies with their Aunt Emmie!

Monday, January 10 ~ Snow day!  We got about 8 inches of snow which was fun for playing, snowball fights, sledding (or if you're my brother Nathan, flipping over), and watching Skittles (the family dog) jump around like a snow bunny!

Tuesday, January 11 ~ One of the things Jayden likes to do at my mom's house is pretend the fireplace is a drive-thru window with my sister Emmie. They order food for everyone then deliver it (and expect you to gobble it up). Jayden has a great imagination!

Wednesday, January 12 ~ Snapped a picture while on our way back to Illinois from Tennessee. The mountain was so pretty with all the snow and frozen water on the rocks.

Thursday, January 13 ~ We took the boys to see the Harlem Globetrotters tonight.  They both loved it, especially the mascot Globie. I loved this picture I took of Dipal and Jackson.

Friday, January 14 ~ Typical football playtime, only these days it includes helmets thanks to Santa and Uncle Nathan. :)

Saturday, January 15 ~ Tonight we went to a friend's birthday party, and despite Jackson getting sick, had a fun time.  We especially loved playing with the funny glasses we got in the favor bag!

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