Project Life: January 1-8

So, needless to say... My Project Life posts were seriously lacking towards the end of 2010.  Ahem.  As were all my posts...  But it's a new year, so what better time to jump back on board?!  I love the idea of Project Life and if I really get my act together, am even thinking about making these pictures into a tangible scrapbook.  I love the convenience of pictures online/on the computer, but there is something nice about being able to hold something in your hands and take it in.

Saturday, January 1 ~ Happy New Year from the boys and me!!  For the last few years we've hosted New Year's Eve at our home and these were some of the leftover party accessories that the boys (and I) were playing with the next morning.

Sunday, January 2 ~ The boys, especially my oldest, are really into Toy Story.  They also are outgrowing all their pajamas, so for Christmas GiGi and G-Man (My mom and stepdad) helped us stock up on none other than Toy Story pajamas (You can also see a pair in the photo above).  My poor Jayden has his "sick eyes" in this picture as he was in the beginning of a cold, but they were pretty ecstatic to have these pajamas!

Monday, January 3 ~ Today the boys and I spent our entire day finishing up Christmas (See 2011 goals, #11) and after-Christmas clearance shopping.  They were such troopers (A new Toy Story book and some cookies helped)!

Tuesday, January 4 ~ Since committing to do Project Life for 2011 wasn't something I had thought through until the last couple of days, you get to see my messy kitchen on January 4.  The original point of this picture was to do a before and after organizing post... but that didn't happen.  Granted the severity of my cluttery mess is intensified due to the holidays, we'll just use this picture to say this is why #3 is on the 2011 goal list.

Wednesday, January 5 ~ There are a couple of things Jackson has started doing lately that I think are very cute, like going off on his own to build towers with his wooden blocks and this other little face he's making in the top right picture.  I also thought it was sweet how the boys like to sit at the bottom of the stairs while their daddy was working from home upstairs in his office.  I can just hear Jackson saying "Cheeeeeeeeeeese!!" for this picture. 

Thursday, January 6 ~ The boys and I left for Tennessee today to go visit with family while the hubs traveled on 2 back-to-back work trips.  This is one of the pictures I sent him on our drive down.  I try to send him a ton of picture updates when we're apart because he misses the boys (and hopefully me) like crazy!  Yes, we miss him too. :)

Friday, January 7 ~ Today was a fun day at GiGi and G-Man's house!  G-Man wanted to take the boys to McDonald's to play and have some lunch, and in true G-Man style he jumped right in and played with them.  Jackson loves pretending he's driving, which is what he was trying to tell G-Man in the picture.  Jayden loved climbing and playing in the playplace.  After lunch the boys came home and opened some Christmas presents from family who had sent them from WV.  Jayden especially loved his sleeping bag equipped with a flashlight. (The kid loves flashlights!)  Speaking of love, Jackson loves the Veggie Tales movie Jonah, which is what he, G-Man, and my sister Emmie are watching in the bottom left picture.  We completed the day with a story read by GiGi (by request of Jackson).

Saturday, January 8 ~ We started out Saturday with pancakes made by G-Man (He spoiled us with these almost every single day we were in Tennessee) and then drove up to visit my grandfather who we call "Pops."  We met my dad, stepmom, brother, and sister there and spent some time playing outside.  I forgot to pack any gloves for the boys, so my Aunt Robyn brought some over that she had of my cousin's - Mork and Mindy circa 1980!

To see more Project Life photos you can go visit The Mom Creative!

Looking forward to continuing the rest of the year with our pictures!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Two posts in one day?! WHOA! Somebody is feeling motivated!! Love it! The boys are cute as ever. Keep blogging!!!

    Oh, and P.S. I have been meaning to ask you where you bought your funky patterned recliner in your living room. Is it a glider/recliner combo? I am sort of in the market. =)

  2. Girl you are rocking these blog posts out! Love it! Glad you all are having a wonderful time in Tennessee! Be safe on your travels home!


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