Slowly but Surely Attacking Goals

It's day 10 of 2011 -- How are you doing on your goals/resolutions?  I actually haven't fully started attacking my goals yet, which I'm happy about.  Doing too much too early would only be a recipe for burnout.

One thing I have started on is goal #1 - to read the entire Bible.  In fact, I'm doing something a little crazy -- trying to read it in 90 days!  A few days ago on Twitter I saw a link to a group planning on reading the Bible in 90 days together and I thought 'what a way to accomplish my goal!'  Yes, a bit intimidating, especially with 2 kiddos, but exciting.


The site joining this community of Bible readers together is Mom's Toolbox, a blog that's purpose is to provide "Tools for real moms growing in Christ."  They have close to 1000 people taking part in this challenge!  I would encourage others to join in, however if you haven't started reading yet it might be hard to catch up as the group is on day 9 today.  In fact, I'm still trying to catch up to the rest of the group since I didn't start my reading until day 3.

As for the rest of my goals, I'm mostly just trying to set myself up with a plan to accomplish them for when we return home.  My husband had 2 back-to-back work trips to go on, so the boys and I traveled down to Tennessee to visit with family instead of staying home by ourselves.  It's been a great trip topped off with the beautiful snow today!

Now, off to go catch up on some reading!! :)

Hope you all have a great day!


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  1. You Go Girl! I am excited for you & the challenge you have taken on! Reading the bible in 90 days is impressive! I have decided that it is probably better if I just stick to the one year bible...and if I finish a little early then I will take that! :) But I am definitely going to do it this year!!!


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