What Happens When a Cha Cha Boy Gets a Toy Story Shirt

Step 1: Remove whatever form of clothing currently being worn (In this case pajamas).

Step 2: Find some sort of opening.

Step 3: Try to remember what Mommy does.

Step 4: Try...


And if you don't succeed...

 Try again.

 Step 5: And if all else fails, ask Mommy. :)

Bonus Points: Appease Mommy and sit for a thank you picture to Aunt Brittany.

We are so thankful for such thoughtful friends and family!! Truly blessed. :)

{Please excuse the quality of the photos.  The thought of putting this on the blog didn't enter my mind until after taking these on my phone.}


  1. Oh my goodness so cute! I saw that shirt and thought of Jackson, so glad he liked it. I couldn't send Jayden a package without including something with little Jackson! Hope they don't drive you crazy with the instruments :) Thanks for sharing this, it made my day! Love, Aunt Brittany

  2. This is so stinkin' sweet!! All of our kiddos (and future kiddos) are so lucky to have Aunt Brittany. She spoils us all, for sure!


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