Project Life 2011: February 13-19

Sunday, February 13 ~ Today was our last day in Hawaii.  We took a helicopter ride around the island which was a great ending/summary to our trip. A neat little fact: The helicopter used for our ride is the helicopter used by the show Hawaii Five-0 for their show which is filmed on the island. Very cool, but also made me a little nervous knowing the helicopter had been used in stunt work!

Monday, February 14 ~ No pictures today. Although we left Hawaii on Sunday, we didn't arrive home until Monday morning at 10 am.  We rushed to see the boys, got a little rest, and then my mom, sister, and I went to be with family as my Uncle John had passed away while I was in Hawaii.

Tuesday, February 15 ~ Travel day back to Southern IL.

Wednesday, February 16 ~ So bad... Still no pictures. Trying to click back into the real world.

Thursday, February 17 ~ Finally remembered to start taking pictures again today, even if it was at bedtime! The boys got ahold of my book "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" and asked Daddy to read it to them as their bedtime book. The book was a gift to me from my dad and step-mom when I was younger and I love the message behind it!

Friday, February 18 ~ I saw people talking about the moon on Facebook, so I decided to take a peek for myself with the boys and snap some pictures. When I looked at the moon through the window in our breakfast nook there was a glare that looked like a cross that I thought was pretty cool. 

Saturday, February 19 ~ Today we drove up to St. Louis so Dipal and Jayden could attend Monster Jam (a monster truck show). We had a yummy dinner downtown and then parted ways so that Jackson and I could have a mommy/little man night. Jackson and I had a great time eating cookies (I heart Great American Cookie Co.), watching the water fountain at The Galleria, and scoring great deals at Target. Jayden had a blast at Monster Jam with Daddy!

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Hope you all had a fabulous week! Chaudhari love!


  1. So sorry to hear about the passing of your Uncle! That's so sad! Hope all is well with you guys! Miss ya! Can't wait to see ya tomorrow night! Looking forward to catching up!

  2. Your blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award. Don't know how thrilling this actually is, but read about it over at my blog


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