This is how we Roll

Crazy traffic, muddy ditches, and shopping cart escalators. Oh my.

A couple of weeks ago (Yeah, I'm a little behind) I had a chance for a little girls' getaway in the ATL with some of my great college friends/sorority sisters.  To say I needed this trip would be an understatement - the timing could not have been more perfect. I'm so thankful I have such a great hubby that was more than excited to have a weekend with his boys and let Mommy have a little break.

I left on Friday, picked up my friends Melinda and Sheryl in Nashville and continued on our journey to Atlanta, complete with a meal at Chick-fil-a. (It's not acceptable for me to go to the south without stopping at Chick-fil-a. Southern Illinois: You need to build one of these fine business establishments.) As soon as we arrived at the home of our friend Brittany, who also happened to be my sorority big sister, we fell right into the norm of laughing and reminiscing old stories from college, and probably stayed up later than we have since oh... the last time we got together in the summer.

Saturday was full of shopping and food and went a little something like this:  Big yummy breakfast made by Brittany, unintentionally making ditches in Brittany's yard (Sorry Russ!), shopping, delectable lunch (except for the calamari that actually looked like a mini octopus... ewww), more shopping, pushing shopping carts down the escalator at Ikea and then looking like fools trying to figure out where we were suppose to go and how we would get to our cart (FYI: The sign that says "shopping carts only" does NOT mean you don't ride down the escalator with your cart.), re-beautifying ourselves, plate-licking good dinner, late night laughs and stories.

And yes, of course I have pictures. :)

Aaron and Jason, close friends of Dipal and I met the girls for lunch at Verde since they're living in Atlanta now.

Rachel, Brittany, Melinda, Becca, Me, Sheryl

Melinda really loves it when people touch her pregnant mama belly. {Sarcasm} Side Note: If you see a pregnant mama out and about, do NOT touch her belly. Believe it or not, some people, meaning most people, don't like it. Carry on.

The girls ready for dinner: Me, Becca, Sheryl, Melinda, Rachel, and Brittany

Nikki met up with us at the restaurant and got a little desert for her birthday!

Girls at dinner! South City Kitchen was great!!

Sunday we started the day with another great breakfast and then went our separate ways.  I can't wait until the next time I see these girls again!

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