I Feel the Most Loved When... A Five Minute Friday Post

As someone who has always dealt with a lot of insecurities feeling loved has always been a lifeblood to me. As I thought about this topic, I realized that for me love speaks through actions and words of affirmation. My love language perhaps?

I feel the most loved when...

The sweet baby boys God has entrusted me with look me in the eyes and flash their big, beautiful smiles. They are breathtaking.

My husband shares my successes with all of his Facebook friends and seems so proud.

I mention to my mom the possibility of the boys and me riding with her and my family down to Tennessee and her response is "Are you kidding me?! We'll find a way to make it work."

When Jayden twirls my hair in his sweet fingers the way he has done since he was only months old.

When Jackson runs to wherever I am and throws his arms up in the air pleading "Hold you, hold you."

When I give Jayden a kiss and he says "So close!" just to get another one, and when he is satisfied proclaims "That's a yay!".

When my wiggle worm Jackson wants nothing more than to cuddle with his mommy after waking up from his nap.

When I feel loved all stress is relieved and forgotten.

Oh love, you warm and fuzzy feeling you. I love when you come around. :)

This post is linked up over at Five Minute Fridays hosted by sweet Lisa-Jo. Go take a peek at the other posts, but while you're there you should also take a look around the rest of Lisa-Jo's site. This post she wrote last week was one of my recent favorites. Those of you who are pregnant or who have ever been on a hospital tour will appreciate it. :)


  1. I read your post and kept saying, "Yes...yes...that too"--I love counting little moments like that. They're like a mini gratitude journal. My kids have little cute quirks like that but yours' are just for you. Isn't that heartswelling?

  2. This is such a sweet and beautiful post. Your momma heart shines through.

  3. I love "That's a yay!" That's so adorable. We definitely share those love languages of affirmation and acts of love. Great post!

  4. Visiting via 5 minute Fridays. Love this. I love when my sons use incorrect grammar at their age. It is so cute!

  5. You've written such sweetness here.
    Your beautiful family shining such warm light...

  6. ahhh i love reading about families loving on each other beautiful


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