Project Life 2011: February 20-26

Sunday, February 20 ~ Today was my studly little brother's birthday which you might have read about here. He turned 13 and I'm still in shock really. It's made me think a lot about my own 13th birthday, only 3 short years ago... Sorry, wishful thinking. :)

The boys and I had a great Sunday in St. Louis spending time with some members of "the group." When we moved to STL a few years ago we were fortunate to quickly connect with a great group of friends who soon became like family. We spent almost every single weekend doing something fun with this group (Well, when we weren't traveling to TN... you know). Over time, some have moved (including us), and some have started having babies (Yay!!), hence the mini reunion at Jodi's baby shower.

L to R: Kristen, Lindsey, Jodi, Me, Elizabeth, & Lauryn
Bekah & Erica: You girls were greatly missed!
(P.S. What's with all my friends being such cute pregnant women? I just remember feeling like a chunky monkey.)

Monday, February 21 ~ Today was the long-awaited day we started potty training! I've been putting it off for so long mostly because I wasn't ready. Jayden has been doing an amazing job!

Tuesday, February 22 ~ At the end of meals, especially when Jayden finishes his food first, Jackson will take whatever is left on his plate, put it on the table, and then show me his plate and say "Wow!!" to seek accolades for a clean plate - despite the fact he didn't finish his food, he just put it on the table. Clean plate, none the less. 

Wednesday, February 23 ~ I let one of my children wear a camo shirt today. If you know me well, then you know this is big for me. I'm no fashionista by any means, but I like my boys in their polo shirts and preppy clothes - the same way their daddy use to dress when we were dating. Now that we're in the "real world" my hubby wears work polos, jeans, and boots for his job, along with his favorite camo work hat. (I'm a little more at ease about camo hats than I am clothing for some strange reason.) Due to my hubby's preppy wardrobe turned country, my parents bought us some countrified clothes for Christmas like John Deere pajama pants for me and the camo shirt for Jackson. It literally made me itchy to let him wear it, but I survived, and even took a picture of him to prove it. He even completed the picture with a cowboy hat.

Thursday, February 24 ~ Two separate photos today. The first is how I started my morning - having my Bible "colored" by Jackson. My first reaction was to get angry, but then I started thinking about how much I'll cherish those scribbles when I look at them 20 years from now. I'll long for the days of coloring again.
The second picture is a little story about Jackson's stuffed animal dog, appropriately named "Doggy." Jackson has loved cuddling with his doggy for naps and bedtime for as long as I can remember. I've even relaxed a bit and let him play with it some during the day, but I've tried to keep it from being a "have to have every second of the day" type item. When we traveled to St. Louis last weekend Doggy hid from us and stayed behind at "Mr. Gus's" (Do you use apostrophe 's' when the name ends with an 's'?) house (Otherwise known as the home of the Hill people). :) Thankfully, Lindsey found Doggy and safely sent him back home. We were quite thankful and Jackson was so excited to see him again!

Friday, February 25 ~ Dipal took Jayden to a local high school basketball game tonight, so Jackson and I had our own little fun evening. I took him to Dairy Queen to grab some dinner and ice cream and then we came back and had a movie night. As we were getting ready to leave I threw on a Tennessee hat and after seeing that Jackson went and grabbed his own hat, only the hat he chose was his cowboy hat. As he was already wearing his Woody pajamas, it was quite appropriate and cute. :)

Saturday, February 26 ~ Tonight we got to go to dinner with some of our friends (Luke and Tiffany) we've met through Dipal's job. They came back to our house afterwards and played with the kids which made the kids ecstatic because Luke and Tiffany are great with kids! Like seriously, their kids will be very lucky to have such fun parents. This is a picture of Jayden and "Mr. Luke" having a super hero showdown.

As always, you can check out other Project Life projects at The Mom Creative.

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  1. Great pics! And you are of these days you are going to cherish those scribbles in your bible!


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