Cha Cha East Coast Extravaganza '11 :::: Part 2 ::::

{You can read Part 1 where we met our new nephew, Armaan, and participated in a surprise 60th birthday celebration of Dipal's aunt here.}

Over the next few days we spent time relaxing with family and enjoying our "break from reality" as I've been calling it. It truly was such a great break, which just makes it that much tougher to get back into routine.
Dipal with his aunts and uncle looking at old pictures.
Every morning was so relaxed... Well, for us anyway. Rima {Dipal's cousin} probably wouldn't agree since she had to wake up to Dipal and the boys jumping on her bed every morning. This was much different than the late mornings she was enjoying before we came and interrupted her summer break from UT. :)

Every morning when I woke up I walked into the kitchen to find a hot cup of Indian chai waiting on me thanks to Dipal's aunt, Nita Kaki. Can you say spoiled?! Because I totally was. Talk about a rude awakening having to come home and make your own coffee. Oh, the real world.

The boys also enjoyed eating sugary kid cereals every morning which I usually don't buy for them around our house {I know, I'm such a scrooge!}. This picture of Jayden having some Trix for breakfast is especially for my friends Melinda and Becca who I thought of every time he ate them. :)
Trix are for kids silly rabbit! ;)
On Monday {Memorial Day} we enjoyed some time at the pool with the family before Dipal took off for a 2 day trip to Maine. One of the original reasons for us traveling to New Jersey was for Dipal to get PRK surgery on his eyes, a refractive eye surgery similar to Lasik. {Bye bye blue contacts, hello clear vision!} Unfortunately, the timing didn't end up working well for this trip, so Dipal still traveled up to Maine for some screenings to prepare for the surgery. {In case you're wondering why we would go all the way up to Maine for this surgery, it's because Dipal's cousin Tina is married to a corneal specialist who will be doing the surgery for Dipal.} Dipal {or all of us, still not sure yet} will be going back up to Maine some time in the fall for him to have the surgery.

Tina and the boys getting ready for the pool
Armaan's first trip to the pool
Tina and Me
Dipal's uncle, Kirit Fuva, teaching Jackson some swimming basics. I love how intently Jackson was trying to listen to him. :) Believe it or not, Jackson actually applied his little lesson to his swimming too. 
Jayden did great splashing around all by himself!
Jackson flashing smiles after giving Daddy kisses. He was very proud!
Tina and Armaan hanging out poolside.
After a while Jackson just decided he would rather cling to me than swim. I didn't mind one bit. :)
And of course, in true Dipal fashion, he threw Rima into the water while she was fully dressed...
Later in the day the boys decided to use their floats as recliners while watching a movie.
Tuesday, Rima and I decided to travel up to Elizabeth, NJ to visit Ikea {Woo hoo!!!} and Jersey Gardens, "New Jersey's largest outlet mall." We had a lot of fun, but in all honesty, by the time we made it to the Jersey Gardens I was exhausted and didn't have much energy to exert on shopping. Ikea was a blast though - it's definitely one of my happy places. I don't know if I'm just adjusting more to the style of Ikea in general, or if each store has a different layout, but I felt like it was much easier to find everything I wanted in this Ikea than the others I've been to {Chicago and Atlanta}. As for Jersey Gardens, we walked around, went in the largest Forever 21 I have ever seen {I have yet to go in the 4 story one in Times Square, that one might be bigger}, and let the kids have some fun and snacks.

Born to be wild!
My oh-so-handsome shopping buddy!
That's all the fun for today, folks! Tune in next time for adventures from the Jersey Shore and New York City!

Chaudhari love to you all!

Cha Cha East Coast Extravaganza '11 :::: Part 1 ::::

Hi there friends and fam! It's the long time no blogging mama bear of the Chaudhari household. :)

We have officially returned from what I am lovingly calling our 'East Coast Extravaganza' and are starting to get back in the swing of our normal routine. {Me with the help of massive doses of coffee, but whatever works, right?}

For the third year in a row we embarked on a 16ish hour drive to New Jersey to visit with Dipal's family. His family lives in Princeton, which is conveniently about an hour away from several fabulous tourist locations, my favorite being New York City. {New York City?!?! Name that commercial.}

While there, it also worked out for us to participate in a surprise 60th birthday celebration for Dipal's aunt and celebrate the 14th birthday of Dipal's cousin, who just happens to be more than a foot taller than me. No joke, I stood on a couch to be eye level with him.

Of course, I took thousands of pictures and am planning on sharing a select few with you through the blog. I'm still debating what to do with the rest of them. I'm starting to not like the idea of uploading all our pictures to Facebook, but I would still like a way to be able to share them with friends and family, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Anywho, back to our extravaganza...

Before we arrived in New Jersey it was originally meant for our trip to be a complete surprise to Dipal's family. As the time kept getting closer the secret leaked out a little, but fortunately we were still able to surprise some of Dipal's family.

The first full day we were there we spent meeting our newest nephew Armaan.

Isn't he precious?! And SO photogenic!!
Dipal and I loved him, to say the least. Of course the boys did too, and loved helping their Tina Fai {Gujarate for Aunt Tina} feed him.

Here are some of my other favorite pictures from the afternoon:

Dipal had such a sweet connection with Armaan.
Rima and Armaan
Sweet boy!
Jackson and his Tina Fai
Tina and Armaan
Later that evening we all gathered at an Indian restaurant to surprise Dipal's aunt, Santok Fai, with her 60th birthday party. She was indeed very surprised!! Here are some of the pics...

Jackson loves walking around with his hands in his pockets. I think it makes him feel big. :)
Daddy and Jackson
Jayden loved running around the big banquet room. {Yep, I was the parent of the constantly running around kids... Don't you just love me? Sometimes you just have to let go.}
Family shot
Santok Fai arriving completely surprised!
She cried when she saw Dipal, which was so sweet. She said when she saw him she immediately thought of his dad, her brother.
Dipal and his aunt, Santok Fai
Santok Fai and me
Santok Fai with her son-in-law, Ravi looking at pictures from the party.

Santok Fai with her son, Paresh, cutting the cake.
Dipal with his cousin Rahel and uncle Dash Kaka
Picture taking fun with the mirror in the room.
Me and Rima
The party was lots of fun and we are so glad it worked out for us to be there and participate! I'll continue on with more fun from our East Coast Extravaganza next time. 

Chaudhari love to you all!

Spring 2011

How's that for an original title? :)

It's been a while since the last time I've blogged. I told you guys I was going to take a break. It was great for a while, then that whole "I feel guilty that I haven't blogged in a while" feeling came back, so here I am updating the interwebs on our life. For those of you looking for a distraction from your to-do list, you're welcome. :)

It's been life as usual around our neck of the woods.

We've spent time enjoying the warmer weather, giving up cookies for some crazy diet (That has helped me lose over 10 pounds!!), celebrating Easter, running (Dipal) or cheering at (Yours truly and da babies) a marathon, celebrating birthdays and the mommy of the household, discovering new music love, and the man of the house has been spending a lot of time outside planting.

I'll spend some time going more in-depth on some of the fun things we've done post by post in the coming days. Currently we're spending some time in New Jersey with some of Dipal's family and having a blast. I can't wait to share pictures!

Chaudhari love to you all!


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