Cha Cha East Coast Extravaganza '11 :::: Part 1 ::::

Hi there friends and fam! It's the long time no blogging mama bear of the Chaudhari household. :)

We have officially returned from what I am lovingly calling our 'East Coast Extravaganza' and are starting to get back in the swing of our normal routine. {Me with the help of massive doses of coffee, but whatever works, right?}

For the third year in a row we embarked on a 16ish hour drive to New Jersey to visit with Dipal's family. His family lives in Princeton, which is conveniently about an hour away from several fabulous tourist locations, my favorite being New York City. {New York City?!?! Name that commercial.}

While there, it also worked out for us to participate in a surprise 60th birthday celebration for Dipal's aunt and celebrate the 14th birthday of Dipal's cousin, who just happens to be more than a foot taller than me. No joke, I stood on a couch to be eye level with him.

Of course, I took thousands of pictures and am planning on sharing a select few with you through the blog. I'm still debating what to do with the rest of them. I'm starting to not like the idea of uploading all our pictures to Facebook, but I would still like a way to be able to share them with friends and family, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Anywho, back to our extravaganza...

Before we arrived in New Jersey it was originally meant for our trip to be a complete surprise to Dipal's family. As the time kept getting closer the secret leaked out a little, but fortunately we were still able to surprise some of Dipal's family.

The first full day we were there we spent meeting our newest nephew Armaan.

Isn't he precious?! And SO photogenic!!
Dipal and I loved him, to say the least. Of course the boys did too, and loved helping their Tina Fai {Gujarate for Aunt Tina} feed him.

Here are some of my other favorite pictures from the afternoon:

Dipal had such a sweet connection with Armaan.
Rima and Armaan
Sweet boy!
Jackson and his Tina Fai
Tina and Armaan
Later that evening we all gathered at an Indian restaurant to surprise Dipal's aunt, Santok Fai, with her 60th birthday party. She was indeed very surprised!! Here are some of the pics...

Jackson loves walking around with his hands in his pockets. I think it makes him feel big. :)
Daddy and Jackson
Jayden loved running around the big banquet room. {Yep, I was the parent of the constantly running around kids... Don't you just love me? Sometimes you just have to let go.}
Family shot
Santok Fai arriving completely surprised!
She cried when she saw Dipal, which was so sweet. She said when she saw him she immediately thought of his dad, her brother.
Dipal and his aunt, Santok Fai
Santok Fai and me
Santok Fai with her son-in-law, Ravi looking at pictures from the party.

Santok Fai with her son, Paresh, cutting the cake.
Dipal with his cousin Rahel and uncle Dash Kaka
Picture taking fun with the mirror in the room.
Me and Rima
The party was lots of fun and we are so glad it worked out for us to be there and participate! I'll continue on with more fun from our East Coast Extravaganza next time. 

Chaudhari love to you all!


  1. Love the photos... and LOVE that you're blogging again. Also - that baby boy is GORGEOUS. Oh my, he should be in a Macy's ad! =)

  2. Glad you guys had such a great trip!! Armaan is such a gorgeous little baby!! Just wanna squeeze him!! Welcome back!! Can't wait to see you all this weekend!!


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