Spring 2011

How's that for an original title? :)

It's been a while since the last time I've blogged. I told you guys I was going to take a break. It was great for a while, then that whole "I feel guilty that I haven't blogged in a while" feeling came back, so here I am updating the interwebs on our life. For those of you looking for a distraction from your to-do list, you're welcome. :)

It's been life as usual around our neck of the woods.

We've spent time enjoying the warmer weather, giving up cookies for some crazy diet (That has helped me lose over 10 pounds!!), celebrating Easter, running (Dipal) or cheering at (Yours truly and da babies) a marathon, celebrating birthdays and the mommy of the household, discovering new music love, and the man of the house has been spending a lot of time outside planting.

I'll spend some time going more in-depth on some of the fun things we've done post by post in the coming days. Currently we're spending some time in New Jersey with some of Dipal's family and having a blast. I can't wait to share pictures!

Chaudhari love to you all!


  1. your back yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so good I have another blog to read again!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to catch up with mine by the way....

  2. Yey! So glad your blogging again! ... those boys of yours are so handsome!

  3. Enjoy your time in Jersey!! Be safe driving back!! Miss ya girl!!


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