I've been trying to blog fifty gazillion days in a row to no avail.

Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration.

Seriously though, it's been a lot, but this little thing called life keeps distracting me. Actually, let's be honest, it's called a heckuva lot going on with a side of poor time management skills. Then I think, what in the world would I write about that anyone would care to read. I mean, do you really want to listen to me whine about how sore I was after getting my wisdom teeth taken out or how sad I've been for the last week knowing a good friend and neighbor was moving away. No? I didn't think so. But one thing I do know is that we all appreciate honesty, even when it's not the most exciting topics. So, rather than driving myself crazy racking my brain with something creative to write about I'm simply just going to write.

So, honestly, these are the things on my mind on this gloomy first day of February.

  • I'm on my third cup of coffee for the day. I've been staying up obnoxiously late the last few days and uncoincidentally my daily coffee intake has gone up as well. I just enjoy having the quiet time to myself so much, but I'm too tired to be terribly productive.
My third cup of coffee in a fun cup. If this doesn't spark inspiration I don't know what does. ;)
  • My husband is having PRK eye surgery tomorrow and my mom is having surgery on her thyroid. If you would remember them both in your prayers it would mean a lot.
  • My awesome friend, Melinda, is making this here blog a new design and I am SO stinking excited. Mama Meli (as we like to call her) has great taste so I know the end result will be fabulous. Melinda has been my biggest encourager to get my act together with my blogging and I am so thankful to call her a friend. Melinda is a no BS type of person, so when she tells me I'm a good writer and that I should keep up with my blogging I'm going to believe her. :)
{Intermission. I've been summoned to help find Lightening McQueen.}

  • On that note, (blogging, not Lightening McQueen) I'm planning on merging the two different blogs I was writing together here at The Cha Cha Chronicles. It just makes sense. I mean, I can hardly keep up with one. Why on earth would I try to keep up with two? Who knows what might happen in the future, but all I know is I need a place I can call my writing home.
  • Yesterday my husband and I were listening to the Dave Ramsey show in the car and someone had written in to ask how you know when you've figured out your calling and what that feels like. Dave's response was that for most people it's not something that usually strikes you like a lightening bolt, but instead something that develops over time. You feel a pull you can't shake to do something, you have an idea it might be your calling, you continue to pursue it and as you continue to do so it becomes undoubtable that it's what you're called to do. As ridiculous as it may sound, you know, considering I'm horrible at making time to do it and all, I feel this way about blogging/writing. I can't shake this feeling that it's something I want to be doing, despite the fact that I haven't posted in seven (7!!) months. I think about doing it I love writing, I love the idea of the community that could come from it, I just love it. And that's why I can't give it up.
  • I've been working on a guest post for my friend, Mandy, that talks about the super fun superhero party we threw for our big four year old. I'll pass on the link when I get it to her and it goes live. You should still go ahead and check out her blog though. We love the Rose family!
  • If my calling isn't writing maybe party planning could be. I love throwing a good party. If I can ever master my poor time management skills I think I would be pretty darn successful at throwing some pretty stellar parties.
  • The most recent party we had was a surprise party for our good friends and neighbors who moved a few days ago. I know goodbyes are a part of life, but it doesn't make it any easier. Stinks to know they're gone. :(
  • We recorded one of my favorite videos of our two year old the other day. It's on my husband's phone, but I might try to share it here soon.
  • Finally, our church shared a video of what happens when our pastor goes on vacation. It was hysterical! You can check it out here if you're looking for a good laugh. :)
Happy February everyone! I'm off to make some asparagus and relinquish control of the computer to my little man who would like to play his superhero game for a bit. 


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when you blog!! It's my favorite!!

    You have to quit worrying about producing the perfect post! It doesn't matter what you write about, I promise you, we will all want to read!!

    I don't know if you read "Perfectly Imperfect" but she is having a 25 things party next Wednesday if you wanna participate! Your post kinda reminded me of her 25 things posts. Here is a sample & info about the party.

    I'm gonna try to participate as well! Definitely will be praying for Dipal & your mom! Love you friend!! Hope all is well!!

    And seriously, girls night?!?!

  2. I love you and I love your family and I love your writing! Keep the posts coming...I like feeling connected to you even though we're many miles away from each other :)

  3. I love when you blog too! You are a good writer so keep it up!


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