Come Home, Peyton. Come home.

Picture taken by the wonderful Donnell Field of Field Imagery.

For those of you who don't know me well, let me give you a little background. I was born and raised in the South my whole life. I lived a large part of my childhood in Georgia, so the peach state holds a very special place in my heart, but at the age of 12 I moved to Tennessee and that became home.

While in middle school my dad started teaching me about a little thing called Tennessee football. He introduced me to Neyland Stadium, the power "T," a song called Rocky Top, and the likes of Phillip Fulmer, Tee Martin, and of course, Peyton Manning. I don't know what it was that drew me in, but the more I learned about the orange and white the more in love I was. I remember giggling at pictures of Peyton directing the band after a big win in "the Swamp," as well as staying up late with my bedroom TV on mute so my parents wouldn't know I was staying up on a school night to watch the (sadly, Manning-less) Vols win the 1998 BCS National Championship game. I think it took everything in my guts not to squeal and rat myself out! Memories like that are the glory days we Vol fans often reminisce about.

As a student at UT it was well known that Peyton, despite not winning a national championship, was like royalty, but in the furthest from annoying type of way. He was UT's proudest son and we were always glad to welcome him home. When he was in town everyone was on Peyton watch. Would he make an appearance at OCI? Could you catch a glance of him in the Vol Walk, maybe grab a hand shake or a picture?

It reminds me a little of how Tennesseans were acting yesterday as Peyton, now a free agent after being released from the Indianapolis Colts, made a trip to Nashville to speak with Bud Adams and others within the Tennessee Titans. Flights were being watched closer than Air Force One and minute-by-minute details were being released online. For this Tennessee lover it was extremely entertaining. Pictures even showed Peyton arriving in an orange sweater. He knows how to please his people, y'all.

So, in my own personal plea to Peyton (and for a little fun), I've decided to offer the top ten reasons Peyton should come back home to Tennessee and lead the Tennessee Titans to victory (upon victory, upon victory, upon victory, etc.).

10. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Approximately 77.7% of all children and pets in Tennessee are named after the quarterback legend. {I just made that up, but I'm sure it's a great estimate.} We could even set up a "Peyton only" seating section at LP Field for all of his namesakes.

9. Every player's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed owner. The Tennessean posted this article with a fabulous picture of the spiffy Titans owner, Bud Adams, yesterday. Who wouldn't want to play for him?! {Thanks to my friend, Becca, for sharing that pic on Facebook!}

8. Kick the bird to the curb. Speaking of Bud Adams, there was a little incident a while back where he decided to show off his middle fingers after a big win. If anyone can teach Adams how to win {or lose, for that matter} gracefully I think Manning is the man.

7. Opportunity to get your charity on. I hear there is a great United Way chapter in Nashville. {I just cringed as I typed that. Spend time with your kids so Peyton Manning doesn't! <-- SNL skit = mature audiences only please.}

6. Relive the college days. I've seen posts floating around Facebook with a picture of an OCI on Broadway in downtown Nashville. There's no doubt people could make that happen.

5. A Girl on Rocky Top. I happen to know a beautiful little sweetie who lives in Tennessee and would be a great match for Marshall. I don't know if she's as wild as a mink, but she is sweet as soda pop.

4. Double the fun. On that note, we can work something out for Mosley too. This guy has connections to Smokey!

3. The third time's a charm. I saw an article on Facebook posted by my friend Sara that showed two other times Peyton has chosen Tennessee, when he was recruited there for college and when he chose to stay for his senior season rather than going pro. Maybe he could earn our state some bling this go-around.

2. Smooth out the rocky on Rocky Top. With his close proximity to Knoxville we sure would appreciate a little help back at the ol' alma mater.

1. If the cleat fits... Peyton loves Tennessee and Tennessee loves Peyton. It's a match made in southern football heaven.

Come home, Peyton. Come home. :)

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  1. Yes!!! Please come home, Peyton! We welcome you with open arms!!!


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