Monkey Toast Memory Making

After a weekend away remembering and celebrating the life of my Aunt 'Rene we're now home and getting back into the swing of our routine. We're going to miss my aunt, that's for sure, but I'm thankful for all the fun memories I have of her from growing up.

One of the things that came to our attention as we were talking about all the different memories we have was that we are a food-loving family. One of my mom's final memories of my aunt from just three days before she died was my aunt eating a big, yummy, coconut bon-bon. All of my memories of family get-togethers include a table full of food. Just recently, my mom and I spent an afternoon with my grandmother forcing asking her to teach us how to make her peach cobbler because it's always been one of our favorite things from her oven.

This helps me understand two things about myself:
1) It's no wonder I'm having trouble losing the weight I gained from having babies.
2) In my book, special memories involve food.

The latter is something that truly occurred to me this morning as the boys were asking for a thing we like to call "monkey toast" around here, although the rest of the common world calls it cinnamon toast. It's nothing special, no recipe necessary, but for us it's one of the boys' favorite day starters.

We use this super cute monkey toast "stamper" my mom put in my Christmas stocking a couple of years ago.  The boys love stamping their toast themselves.

Pretty good, Mom! :)

Do you guys have any traditions or little things you think will be favorite memories one day? This is proof that it doesn't have to be big or a ton of work to be something your kids will appreciate! I would love to hear your own special moments in the comments!

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  1. The monkey toast is such a cute idea! I struggle with cute/fun things to feed my kids. I am so bad at it! I may need to steal this idea!


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