Stop and Smell the Roses: After the Storm

Hi friends and visiting House of Rose readers!

I decided to participate in my friend Mandy's Stop and Smell the Roses Vlog Link-Up today over at House of Rose. This is a time Mandy had dedicated to vlogging about something you are thankful for or that you love and appreciate. I decided this afternoon to go ahead and do my own video about something that had been on my heart all day and I hope it helps us all remember to be grateful.

Here are some links of interest to those looking to help:
Red Cross
Salvation Army
United Way
Local Areas Accepting Donations via WSIL
How You Can Help Missouri, Illinois Tornado Victims via


  1. I love you, friend!!! SO glad your family safe. And, P.S. you are gorgeous. Whether you're dolled up for church OR just hanging in your PJs. You're one pretty momma.

  2. Loved everything about this video! You are so good behind the camera! Hope you continue to link up!

  3. Yay Brit!! What an awesome vlog!! You were great behind the camera!! I hope you participate each week even if it is in your jammies!! :)


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