Stop and Smell the Roses: An Awesome Daddy

It's Wednesday, and I'm blogging/vlogging for the third week in a row! Can you believe it?!

I can barely contain my excitement. ;)

Seriously though, big shout-out and thank you to Mandy over at House of Rose. This vlogging meme really kicked my blogging bottom into gear and I am loving it! Also, a big thanks to all of you who take the time to watch the vlogs and/or read and leave comments. It's such an encouragement and I want you to know I really do appreciate it.

Stop and Smell the Roses

The boys have had a fun week with their daddy which led to today's vlog. You can check out other vlogs and even participate yourself over here. {You know you want to!!} :)

Have a great week!


  1. Your vlog had me laughing AND crying! How sweet! Dipal is such a good daddy! I can NOT believe they broke the bed. :) I remember seeing your tweet about them wrestling and thinking I can totally relate, but I had no idea they broke the bed! LOL! That's hard core wrestling! Love J & J at the end!! I am so thankful for you friend!

  2. Your boys definitely have a great daddy!! I see how Dipal interacts with them & how the just adore him to pieces!! So sweet!! Can't believe they broke your bed!! Thank goodness no one was hurt! Loved the little clips of Jackson & Jayden at the end!! They are getting so big!!

  3. Such a great vlog!!! I'm a new follower and ou have a great blog here!!! ;) what a funny story but a great husband!!!

  4. That was adorable. I lived your vlog.
    - new follower from the link up

  5. Finally making my rounds to check out all the vlogs from Mandy's link up. Your story about the boys breaking the bed sounds like my house growing up! I have two older brothers so I ended up being a rough-houser right along with them. Lots of funny stories!


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