Stop and Smell the Roses: With Josephine!

Last week I had the chance to spend some time in Tennessee while my husband was on a trip with work for a few days. One of the days we were in town we made a special trip to Dalton, Ga to visit with my grandmother. I've always had a really close relationship with her, but as I got older and moved away to college, and even further when I got married, I didn't keep up with our relationship nearly as well as I should've. This is something I decided was going to change this year, despite the travel distance between us. I have been SO thankful to have this special time with her, so while I was there I decided to film my Stop and Smell the Roses vlog!

Stop and Smell the Roses

Honestly, I could have gone on and on and on about special memories I have with her and why I was so happy to be there, but I got so flustered with emotion I couldn't think of any coherent plan for this video as we filmed it.

We talked, we laughed, we cried. It's not perfect, but it's us.

For any of you who ever told me you couldn't detect a southern accent when I talked, I assure you it will be clear as day as you listen to me in this vlog. My family has a way of pulling it out of me, especially my grandmother. :)

Also, although I'm the only one in this video, my 89 year-old grandmother has many grandchildren and great-grandchildren that she absolutely adores! I think we all have our own unique relationship with her, but one thing is for sure, she brings a smile to all of our faces! She also has four children she loves so much, one of those being my sweet, sweet mama who you'll hear behind the camera.

We have been blessed beyond measure with this woman and I'm so thankful to Mandy for giving me the inspiration to share it with all of you!

For those of you visiting from House of Rose, thank you so much for stopping by. To any of you not familiar with the Stop and Smell the Roses vlog meme, go take a peek and check it out! Better yet, get in front of the camera and film your own vlog!! It's lots of fun!!


  1. YOur vlogs are always SO GOOD! SO professional. I just loved this video today. Love your accent, love your grandma, love your emotion. So sweet :-)

  2. I am crying! Not just kinda the full on ugly cry! That was the sweetest vlog I have ever seen and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The relationship you have with your grandmother is so special. You will be so thankful to have this video one day when she is no longer around. I wish I would have done this with my B's. :( Great job Brit!

    ps Love your accent! Can you talk like that tonight?

  3. Brittany! I love this so, so much. Like Mandy said, you will be SO HAPPY that you have this. You are so precious and so happy and just full of positive energy. And...your southern accent reminds me of home!!

  4. Just popped over from House of Rose and wanted to say... Such a great idea, to share this moment with your Grandma and to have it on film! I have a very special relationship with my Grandma as well (I call her Bubby), but she is in Chicago and I am near San Fran, so watching you two interact made my heart ache just a little bit :( Need to give the Bubs a call. Thanks for sharing your video with all of us!

  5. Brittany, I love this! Such a sweet testament to the relationship you have with your grandmother. My grandmother, too, is one of the people I was most afraid of when it came to discipline... she was and still is a tough woman!

  6. When you two were talking about getting the switch I started laughing so hard. My grandma did that too. She would send you out to get one and if you didn't get one that she saw good enough she would go out and get one herself. I live about 45 minutes to an hour from Dalton GA.

  7. love, love, LOVE this video!!! I was on the verge of tears about half way through & then towards the end when you were showing all of the outtakes to music of you guys laughing & crying....I seriously LOST it!! Then your grandma blew the kiss at the sweet! What a precious video that you will forever be able to treasure!!

  8. Oh my word. This had me in tears. I would give anything right now to be able to hug my grandma again. You are sooooo lucky to have your grandma still in your life. Please don't let so much time go by before you see her again. You will never know how much that time means to you until its no longer there. God bless. What a sweet grandma.


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